The Introduction: The-Commons

Another new shop I’m so excited about… The-Commons.

A physical and online shop located in Charleston, South Carolina (a place I’d love to visit!), The-Commons is focused on American made goods for the home… and they carry some really incredible brands that I’ve never heard of, which always makes my day.

We find and curate a collection of American made goods for the home that are both inspirational and generational. We look for beautifully designed, high quality goods that express the modern American design ethos as well as the earthy, textural and tangible design solutions that come from products made by hand and heart.

We believe modern and timeless are the same thing and that America has a unique and leading perspective on this design approach. We believe that filling your home with beautiful and useful goods from designers who’s singular passion is to the make the best pieces by hand for you will make your life better.


Walnut Bottle Rocks | Mini White Star Bowl | Dodecahedron Relic | Lidded Jar

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The Introduction: The Reed

Tomboy Style has been one of my favorite blogs for a long, long time, primarily because the tomboy herself, Lizzie Garrett Mettler, is just so cool. In a way I will never be, but will always appreciate. (She’s also very nice!)

Lizzie recently rebranded as The Reed (the blog formerly known as Tomboy Style, a perfect tongue-in-cheek tagline, because, again, she’s cool and can do that) and has launched an e-commerce shop. Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty rad and the content and commerce align nicely, which is always difficult… I particularly liked this piece by Mikael Kennedy, an incredible photographer who also happens to be one of my favorite rug-slingers.

Part shop, part blog, and part travel site, The Reed is an online destination that combines regularly added editorial with a shop that supplies clothing and accessories you need to move well, pack smart, and look great. We hope you enjoy the site and can utilize all that it offers for your future excursions—whether that entails getting on a 13 hour flight across the Pacific or loading up the back of a wagon to go car camping a few hours north.

Some of my favorite items on the shop at the moment… I’ll certainly be checking back for more!

Mollusk Tomboy Trunks | Rattan Land Rover| Joshu + Vela Black Canvas Duffle| Ursa Major Face Wipes