The Uniform: American Made Outerwear

It’s the middle of November and I still don’t need to wear a coat. In Minnesota. Global warming concerns aside, the weather has been pretty amazing and I’m doing my best to make the most of it. But winter is inevitable, and after spending last year freezing in layers upon layers underneath my thin fall jacket, it was time to invest in a real winter coat.

I looked at all of the options… probably too many, as it made narrowing and choosing terribly difficult! Admittedly, many of these options are investment pieces. If you buy a well-made, classic coat, there’s really no reason why it won’t last forever, so I belive that American Made outerwear is worth investing in. (Besides, your coat and boots are really all people see for about 6 months of the year! You can wear the same jeans and white t-shirt underneath every day and no one would notice.) Some of my favorites:

American Made leather jackets
I never feel more like myself (or perhaps, the version of myself that I want to be) than when I’m wearing my leather jacket. If you have a thinner version, try layering it under your winter coat, like a bad-ass blazer.
1. The Arrivals Rainier Leather Moto
2. The Arrivals Moya Waterproof Shearling
3. Veda Grand Leather Jacket
4. ThePerfext Brooklyn Leather Jacket

american made coats

Probably the most important category shown today. I like to these of these as “grown-up” jackets…

1. Nili Lotan Wrap Kimono Coat
2. Veronica Beard Chesterfield Dickey Coat
3. Smythe Pyramid Coat
4. ThePerfext Manhattan Coat

AMerican made outerwear

Because you still want to look pulled together when you are running errands, shopping, etc. and it’s freezing out, and the old North Face puffer just isn’t cutting it anymore.

1. Zero + Maria Cornejo Edi Trench Coat
2. No. 6 Parka Coat
3. The Arrivals Artemis Modular Parka
4. Veronica Beard Granite Parka

american made outerwear

Less critical, but it’s always nice to have a beautiful, fun coat to throw on for a holiday party or when you are dressed up.

1. Laveer Nordic Coat
2. Creatures of Comfort Maureen Coat
3. Cocoon Cashmere Swing Cape
4. Rachel Comey Trail Coat

Woah. That’s a lot of options! What’s your go-to jacket? As for me, I scooped this up (in black) during a 20% off sale at a local shop last month. It hasn’t been cold enough to wear it yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from putting it on inside a few times!

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The Introduction: Annie Costello Brown Jewelry

I’ve been a fan of Annie Costello Brown’s jewelry for quite some time and I can’t believe that I’ve never mentioned the collection on here or even on Instagram! I always spend some time trying on all of her pieces whenever I visit Clare V. , so the lack of mention was clearly a miss. The newest collection is incredible, I can’t wait till I’m in New York next month to see the pieces in person.

I don’t change up my jewelry often – I wear the same rings, watch, cuff, and earrings every day. For evenings or special events, I like to swap my staples for statement earrings but I’ve struggled to find options that were simple but still had presence – most are either too minimal or a little too costume-y/rhinestone-y.

These earrings are perfect. I love the refreshingly simple styling and that most of these pieces are made to order (in LA). I think my favorite is this pair, but these are a close second… what would you pick?

1. Long Rain Dusters
2. Pom-Pom Chandelier Earrings
3. Single Point Cuff
4. Matisse Earrings
5. Arc Drop Earrings
6. Elyria Necklace

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The Edit: American Made Sofas

If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably aware that my husband and I bought a house this past January. A 1909 craftsman, thoughtfully updated and in need of very little work. You are also probably aware of the fact that we moved in with essentially no furniture – our last house was furnished, which led us to donate, give away and sell almost everything we’d accumulated over the years. We’ve been doing our best to embrace that, and to slowly fill our home with thoughtful pieces that fit our needs.

With that said, there were pieces that we considered to be a priority – we purchased these as soon as the closing was scheduled. Our first priority was a sofa – we moved into our house in the middle of the winter and knew that we’d (err… I’d) be spending a lot of evenings bundled up under blankets watching TV and we wanted to be comfortable while doing so! We planned to buy several vintage furniture pieces, so it was even more important to me that anything new be American made.

We spent a lot of time looking at – and testing – sofas that would fit in our long and narrow sitting room and still be comfortable. I’m terribly indecisive and struggled while deciding between the interesting statement options and the simple, classic option. Some of my favorites:

best american made sofas

1. Kalon No. 5 Series
2. DWR Reid Sofa
3. Wilson & Willy’s Stephen Kenn Sofa
4. Room & Board Hess Leather Sofa
5. Modernica Case Study Daybed

Some additional American made sofas: Crate & Barrel, Room & Board, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, and West Elm. Here’s a tip – while searching larger retailer sites, entering “North Carolina” or “made in USA” into the search box can help to narrow the selection!

We ultimately went with a classic sectional – it’s slipcovered so we know it can take a beating, and big enough that we can have a friends or family members over to watch movies. It was an investment, but it’s almost a year old and looks brand new; the cost per use on this thing will end up being pennies! I’m sitting on it as I write this post! I love it, but still sometimes wish we’d gone for something bold… which would you pick?

Graphics for The American Edit by REBECCAH ERICKSON