The Abstract, 2.6.14

wilson and willy's

Well hello again! Things have been a bit crazy lately… Wilson and Willy’s finally opened and my husband and I bought and moved into a new house last week. And mercury is in retrograde so it is possible that I’ve locked myself out of said house a few times already.

In case you are interested, a little more about W&W. If you are in Minneapolis, come visit!

I was honored to take part in two amazing series this week…

Meg Biram’s GET SHIT DONE is one of my very favorite blog series… so inspiring. So I shared how, sometimes, I don’t get shit done. Would love to know your best GSD tips!

Jennifer Snyder’s Creating Your Own Path podcast is a really great interview series with creative individuals and I had so much fun talking (babbling) with Jennifer about American made, business, and creating a work-life blend.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! I’ll be back for real next week with some incredible maker features. In the meanwhile, I’ve taken The A-List to Pinterest to make it even easier to find the newest, best American made goods… follow along!

photo: Ashley Sullivan for W&W

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