Celebrating Local Pride with Target & Todd Snyder

Target Local Pride Todd Snyder

My love of travel is well-documented; there are few experiences I value more than the opportunity to try and learn new things and immerse myself in different cultures. Getting out of town is always an adventure, but can be exhausting and expensive, so over the past year I’ve made a commitment to actually spend time exploring – and acting like a tourist – in my own city. I’ve wandered around new neighborhoods and lakes, visited museums I always told people about but never went to, and even attempted some cold weather sports! These activities require a bit more time and thought than my typical routine, but have greatly increased my appreciation for the city that has become my home.

Target Todd Snyder Local Pride

In an effort to celebrate my hometown (as well as other cities across the country), Target – a Minnesota-based company (and, as you know, the reason I originally moved to Minneapolis!) launched a Local Pride collection with menswear designer Todd Snyder. To celebrate the collection, Target invited me to spend the day touring Minneapolis with Todd, visiting the places that inspired his collection. I’ve always been a huge fan of Todd Snyder’s work, his commitment to domestic production, and his appreciation for his Midwest roots (he’s from Iowa) and I love the work Target does to support smaller, American made brands (via Made to Matter and the Target Collective) and the community, so I jumped at the chance to join him and play tourist for the day.

We had a blast. We threw on our American made, super soft Local Pride t-shirts and visited:

Spyhouse Coffee – I visit the North Loop and Uptown locations almost daily, so starting at the Northeast location was a nice change of scenery.

Target Todd Snyder Local Pride

612 Brewery – where I found a beer that I actually liked!

Target Todd Snyder Local Pride

The Guthrie Endless Bridge – one of those places I always tell people to visit but never do.

Target Todd Snyder Local Pride

The Nook – where we bowled and enjoyed cheese curds and a delicious juicy lucy (Todd) and grilled cheese (me!).

Target Todd Snyder Local Pride

And at each place, we met with the owners or makers and learned about their story and their process – from the complicated process 612 Brew uses to ensure their beer is delicious to the various owners and celebrated guests of the Nook throughout the years. I started this site because I love a good story, and the day I spent with Todd was a wonderful reminder that you don’t have to go far to find one… you just have to take the time to ask a question!

To see a bit more from our day, head over to Target’s blog, A Bullseye View, or shop the collection!

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post – I received compensation from Target in order to promote this collection. I believe in the collection and that the products I’ve chosen to share align with the goals of The American Edit. Thank you for supporting the partners that support TAE. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to EMAIL ME.

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