FedEx #BigBoxofSmallGoods (SPONSORED)

I believe in small businesses and in supporting people who are doing good work. If you’ve ever read The American Edit before, I hope that’s obvious… And while I believe that the best small businesses thrive because they are resourceful, creative, and collaborative, we cannot discount the fact that they are also helped by many bigger businesses that help them run their day to day. I’d struggle to do my job without Apple, Microsoft, or Delta (among others), and we couldn’t run Wilson & Willy’s without delivery services such as FedEx or credit card companies such as American Express.

These bigger companies don’t have to make it easy for small businesses – but sometimes, they do. Sometimes they understand that small businesses are the future, and do whatever they can to help them succeed.

This year, for Small Business Week, FedEx decided to do just that. FedEx is committed to helping small business clients achieve their goals, and decided to reward and celebrate some of their small business partners by sharing their products with six bloggers, myself included.

FedEx BigBoxofSmallGoods brands

FedEx sent us the #BigBoxofSmallGoods – a beautiful wooden box (made by Tri-Lox in Brooklyn) filled with products from seven incredible small businesses. I was thrilled to receive a pair of long-coveted Grado Labs Headphones (made in Brooklyn), a gorgeous leather clutch from Coastal Road (made in South Walton, Florida) and just may have to learn to bake so that I can put my PieBox (made in Chicago) to good use!

To learn more about the brands involved in this campaign, visit FedEx’s #BigBoxofSmallGoods page or search the hashtag on Instagram. And remember, whenever and however you can, support small businesses!
coastal road leather clutch made in america
DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post – I received product and compensation from FedEx in order to assist in their small business campaign. I believe whole-heartedly that the mission of this campaign and the products I’ve chosen to share align with the goals of The American Edit, which is why I agreed to participate. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.