The Abstract 11.14.14

Hackwith Design House’s exclusive collection for Wilson & Willy’s – more to come on this next week! (Photo by Paul Vincent)

Sydney Brown Preorder on M’oda Operandi
American made heels. I’m currently living in my camp socks (totally worth it, especially at 25% off!) all day everyday but can dream of a (far away) day where these will make sense in my life again.

Not Original: Be Original Americas
I love the mission behind Be Original Americas and got such a kick out of this Not Original page – it’s like the antithesis of the A-list!

Maria Cornejo designs exclusive fabrics for Knoll
These fabrics are gorgeous and now all I can think about is a silver womb chair (I believe these are made in Pennsylvania). How rad would that be?

Alicia Lund’s new shop, Syllabus, on Refinery 29
Loved this feature with Alicia and it led me to discover a new American made line: The Lady & The Sailor. Looks so good.

Buddy Editions: Limited Edition Fine Art Prints
I’ve been thinking a lot about art lately and was excited to come across the launch of Buddy Editions… prints start at $50, which is a little more manageable than some of the pieces I’ve been dreaming about on Paddle 8!

in case you missed it, gorgeous ceramics and an interview with Nicole Katz of Paper Chase Press.

The Abstract 10.24

Quiet Quality: Goal Setting
Jessica Comingore and Lauren Crosier talk goal setting, following your intuition, and setting intentions. I needed this this week.

Hello J.Crew
I’m not sure how I’d missed this but J.Crew’s blog is really, really good. So many awesome people interviews and local studio tours… check out Martin Greenfield, BRVTVS and Nilli Lotan!

Converse sues 31 companies for Chuck Taylor Trademark Infringement
This lawsuit reminded me of an excellent interview on the Modestics blog with the Herman Miller team –
Be Original With Herman Miller. The ongoing battle against knockoffs is enough to ruin even large companies… I feel strongly about supporting the original (or going without). But when design pieces become so ubiquitous it is fairly easy to understand that someone may have no idea that s/he is purchasing a knockoff. How do you learn about design to ensure you are buying the best you can buy for yourself?

Nearly Impossible Conference in New York Next Week!
I’m heading to New York next week and will be taking part in Nearly Impossible… an event where product companies come together to learn how to build strong brands and grow successful businesses. There’s a pretty amazing line up and I’m honored to be included. I’ll be offering one-on-one chat sessions at the workshop! Are you attending? I would love to meet you!

LAST! I’ve been asked a few times about the frequency of posts here on TAE – and I apologize. I’m working on some exciting projects at the moment that are taking up most of my attention – but I’m working on getting TAE back up to 3-4 posts and brand interviews a week! In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you want help finding when it comes to American Made… and also how you like to get your blog posts. Tweets? Facebook? Pinterest? I just set up Bloglovin again, so here’s that link…
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please let me know! and THANK YOU for following along!

Image: The Boerum via Partners & Spade… excited to check this place out next week!

The Abstract 10.17

Jennifer Fisher’s studio on my current favorite blog A Standard of Living – a site dedicated to small details that enhance common experiences.

Exposed Zippers interviews Betty Halbreich of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs fame
“What do you love most about your job?
Love is about loving a man. As for my job, I like that I can put my legs over the bed, rise, dress and arrive here. I still have tremendous motivation without being driven.”

An interview with Emmanuelle Alt… my absolute woman crush
“First, I think a good attitude for a woman is to be confident, and to be confident is to be natural. I don’t want to be an image.”

9 Rules for Emailing from Google Exec Eric Schmidt
It’s somewhat bizarre that we’ve become a culture that accepts and excuses unresponsiveness and I’m disappointed in myself for letting my inbox get inexcusably out of control over the last few months. In my old job I managed several hundred emails a day so there is really no excuse for my current inbox! Inbox zero, here we come.

The Secret Journey of a Fashion Piece
Lauren Sherman’s series for BOF is a great overview of the process an item goes through from initial concept to purchase.

Second graders eat a 7 course tasting dinner at Daniel
Totally unrelated but this was hysterical and got me through a long day.

Talking luxury with the branding experts behind MADE and Milk Studios
“Do what you love, appeal to a smaller group of people, be bespoke.”

Inside Pinterest, the coming ad colossus that could dwarf Facebook and Twitter
“If Facebook is selling the past and Twitter the present, Pinterest is offering the future. “It’s about what you aspire to do, what you want to do down the line.””
Pinterest does feel more voyeuristic than Instagram if you pay attention – I’ve accurately predicted some pregnancies, moves, and breakups just by seeing what people I know (even just virtually!) pin… it’s a little creepy, if you think about! However… I recently purged old boards and am now re-addicted to pinning – but I’ve got nothing to hide – so follow along if you’d like! Pinterest: The American Edit

Have a wonderful weekend!xR

[image via A Standard of Living]

The Abstract: 10.10

Room & Board has always been a favorite of mine (it’s based in MN, so not only are the products primarily American made but it is also a local business!) and I love the transparent approach to product origin they are taking on their website these days…

Hackwith Design House Brooks Jacket
The new HDH jacket collection is too good. It has been so fun to watch these pieces come to live at the COMN!

Reading My Tea Leaves: Growing a Minimalist Wardrobe
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Erin’s series on growing a minimalist wardrobe – minimalism is a buzzword these days and I appreciate Erin’s authentic approach at a time when so many people seem to be buying an entirely new wardrobe and then calling themselves minimalists for wearing only those pieces. Minimalism isn’t something I talk about that frequently on TAE b/c the entire purpose of this site is to bring you new brands and products, but I absolutely ascribe to the idea that you should buy less, but better and have a fairly small wardrobe that aligns with that mission.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Naturally Dyed
Becca’s overview of the natural dye process used in her most recent collection is fascinating… again, I love her transparent approach to her production process.

Ray Eames’s Unsung Influences on Modern Design
‘Ray and Charles both espoused an approach of curated independence. “It’s about what you want and making it work for you”’ YES.

Marbled Porcelain plate
by a new-to-me maker!

The Nobel Peace Prize
Children must go to school and not be financially exploited. I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of Satyarthi’s work before but I cannot think of a better, more meaningful pairing for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Never Permit a Dichotomy to Rule Your life…
An important reminder via La Dolce Vita

Happy weekend!xR