Rita Mehta

Shopping has always been my ultimate adventure. I delight in the smallest details, pound the pavement for the perfect pair of jeans, view favorite boutiques as a home away from home. When I finished school years ago, a career in product development and sourcing seemed a natural fit for me.


Frequent trips overseas for a major global retailer furthered my obsession with quality, but they also left me frustrated that more goods aren’t produced in this country. As I became more conscious of the issue, I changed my personal habits and began to purchase domestically whenever possible.


Though I easily found great Made in America clothing for my husband, fashion-forward options for our home and my wardrobe eluded me. What’s more, many of the designers and stores I encountered wanted to source in the U.S. but didn’t know where to begin. Everywhere I looked I saw a chance to apply my expertise—and to align my work with my own beliefs.


So I’ve founded The American Edit. It’s a place to celebrate the brands that manufacture in the United States, educate the ones who would like to start, and elevate self-sufficiency in style. And yes, to do some shopping along the way!

The American Edit: Unedited is a monthly newsletter designed to help you consume more thoughtfully. As always, our focus is on quality over quantity - we'll only email you when it's worth it.