Rita Mehta

Shopping, to me, has always been an adventure. I fixate on the smallest details, have been known to search all over for the perfect pair of jeans, and consider my favorite shops to be a home away from home. When I finished school, I was amazed that a career in product development and sourcing was even a possibility – I could get paid to shop?!


I soon learned working in corporate retail involved a bit more than just shopping. Frequent trips overseas with a major global retailer gave me a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of manufacturing and lead to an increased focus on quality and responsible, sustainable production. Over time, I became frustrated at the lack of production right here in this country. As I became more conscious of the issue, I changed my personal habits and began to purchase domestically whenever possible.


Though I easily found great Made in America clothing for my husband, fashion-forward options for our home and my wardrobe eluded me. What’s more, many of the designers and stores I encountered wanted to source in the U.S. but didn’t know where to begin, or needed help building sustainable growth strategies. Everywhere I looked I saw a chance to apply my expertise — and to align my work with my own beliefs.


So I’ve founded The American Edit. It’s a place to celebrate the brands that manufacture in the United States, educate consumers who are trying to find more responsible options, and, yes, to do some shopping along the way!

The American Edit: Unedited is a monthly newsletter designed to help you consume more thoughtfully. As always, our focus is on quality over quantity - we'll only email you when it's worth it.