The Introduction: Tenfold by The Line


The internet has changed shopping – the fact that we consume differently now that all of the information is at our fingertips is indisputable. (Per Google, Black Friday may be a thing of the past – finally!) This is better for the consumer, but makes it more difficult for retailers for many reasons, the primary being that consumers are more likely to shop solely based on price and tend to bore more easily – it’s simply not as fun to shop if you see the same things in every city and on every website. Enter private label as a means of differentiation – retailers can create the products they want to sell, or that their customers have asked for, and benefit from exclusivity. I’m generally a proponent of private labels and retailer exclusives (it is what I do for a living!) but these collections have to be done thoughtfully, have to align with the brand and the customer, and perhaps most importantly, have to be special – in look, in feel, in origin, and ideally in price.

The Line, one of my favorite shops, and essentially a grown woman’s thoughtfully designed fairytale, has just launched Tenfold by The Line, an exclusive homegoods collection that aligns with their house apparel brand, Protaganist NYC, and the various brands carried in the shop. Not all of the products are American made, but it came as no surprise that my favorites were these pillows made in New York and ceramics made in Portland.

Ease is the art of making the deliberate — that which has been carefully considered, thoughtfully planned, and painstakingly realized—look effortless. It is far easier to achieve with an elegantly oversized cashmere sweater or a faded-to-perfection pair of jeans than in a living space, where tightly coordinated elements can take on a precious air while even the most calculated approach to casual may appear arbitrary and disorganized. Between these two extremes lies the enduring ease of Tenfold, a new collection of homegoods available exclusively on The Line and at The Apartments by The Line.

Tenfold transcends today’s ubiquitous, basic homegoods in favor of the exquisite and the enduring. It is an invitation to collect, combine, and cherish special pieces distinguished by old-world craftsmanship and American ease. Spanning categories ranging from bed linens and bath textiles to vessels and accessories, the new collection is a source of adaptable elements that are designed to be used daily and treasured for years to come.

The subtle yet polished palette—seasonless hues such as chalk, cream, oatmeal, graphite, and slate—allows Tenfold to be at home in the city and the suburbs, in the country and by the shore. Each item can stand on its own but was developed as part of a collection, and so also combines and layers easily.

(Images via The Line)

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