I’m so excited to launch The American Edit : the style-minded map to Made in America. Shopping and reading have always been two of my very favorite activities and I’ve enjoyed merging the two over the years – from the online style forums that I read way back when I was in high school to the fashion blogs that we know and love today. It was always easy for me to spend a day falling down the rabbit-hole of sartorial inspiration, emerging with a list of items I had to have right away. But as my habits changed, and as I began to focus more on where the items I purchased came from, who made them, and how they were made, I found that the internet became a lot smaller.

I wanted to find and learn more about brands that produced ethically and that made their products in America, but I wanted a curated experience, just like any other style blog. I also didn’t understand why similar blogs existed for men, but not for women! I knew I wasn’t the only person to feel this way, so I decided it was up to me… My goal with this blog is to share the best of the best items that are made right here in America.

What you can expect to see on The American Edit:

The home page will show the most recent post and then notable posts. If you’d prefer to read posts chronologically, the  “switch to regular blog view” button will take you to a traditional blog experience.

The A-List is our continually growing encyclopedia of our favorite American-made labels. You can search by state, category, or product to find exactly what you are looking for. Please let me know what and who I should be adding!

The Who – Designers and artisans: Meet who is bringing American-made to life.

The What – Fashion and Home: Shop what we love in American-made product.

The Why – Ideas and Issues: Learn why Made in America matters.

The Where – Stores and factories: Go where Made in America is happening.

The How – Intuition and wisdom: Learn how to make it happen.

Also, thanks to Megan and Zoe for getting in my head and bringing my “what if you could do/say/etc. THIS!” dreams to life… you are the best!!!! And to Anne and Wing for helping me to tell this story in a beautiful and concise manner.

Thanks for reading!


[photo – Wing Ta]

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