Consumption Karma.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of consumption karma. I’ve written before about the idea that you are what you wear… but I think it’s more than that. Maybe, you are what you consume. Or, how you consume is determined by the person you are. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

To live is to consume. We need air, we need shelter, we need food… we can’t survive without taking from our environment. But most of us consume mindlessly. Or thoughtfully in one way, but mindlessly in the others. Myself included – I started focusing on ethical food years ago, but it wasn’t until later that I started to really think more about ethical, responsible production in terms of apparel and my home. I stopped watching trashy television and reading celebrity magazines a long time ago primarily because these forms of entertainment made me feel bad about myself but also because I hated supporting people I really didn’t care about or want to support – but now I’m realizing what a terrible business these forms of mindless entertainment really are. And there are plenty of things that I consume that I’ve never even really thought about.

It’s overwhelming. I’d love to have a set of rules that defined exactly what to consume, but it’s just not that easy. But I’m starting to think that we don’t need a series of rules – maybe we just need to be thoughtful. To give a damn (a lot of damns). Maybe if we just think, “Is this too good to be true?” before we act, we could all be more mindful without the constant stress of learning everything about everything.

For example:

The notion of super cheap, disposable clothing? Too good to be true – there’s got to be waste somewhere, and likely terrible working conditions.

Fat-free/sugar-free/etc.-free food? Too good to be true – something must have been added in to offset whatever was taken out. 

Celebrity “real life” photos? Too good to be true – watch Sellabrity or read this Huffpost article by Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell to get a better understanding of the mania created by the need to feel that celebrities are “just like us”.

Knock-offs? Too good to be true – when you get a well-known, potentially expensive item for less, designer infringement, potentially shady business dealings and poor working conditions are likely involved.

I think a lot of consumption apathy comes from the idea that it’s too hard to know what to buy and who to support – I know that this has been the case for me. Maybe by using “Is this too good to be true?” as a lens, by basically just saying that we give too many damns to be apathetic but that we also need a simplified filter, we can all consume better. And be better. And do better.

It’s worth a shot, right?

The Edit: Style Eater


It’s always fun to discover new-to-me bloggers… and to have them share their favorite American-made items! Janelle’s blog, The Style Eater, is a gorgeous depiction of her life in one of my very favorite cities. She has incredible taste (and we share a love for holes in our jeans); unsurprisingly, I love all of her picks today! Thanks, Janelle!xx

Unionmade x Baxter of California candle

This is my absolute favorite candle and I burn it in my apartment almost every day. It’s a perfect blend of cedar and sandalwood and smells like campfire.

ABJ Glassworks Pyramid

I store all of my rings in this gorgeously-crafted glass pyramid on my nightstand. I’m dying for one of her terrarium kits next! 

Mociun Black Onyx Triangle Ring

The last time I went to New York, my only requirement for the trip was a visit to the Mociun store in Brooklyn. I am obsessed with Caitlin’s jewelry. 

Tanner Goods camera strap

I’ve used this strap on my dslr camera for a few years now and the leather gets more gorgeous with age.

Kelsey Rose ceramics

My friend gifted me one of Kelsey Rose’s handmade ceramic bowls for my birthday and I love how versatile it is.

The Introduction: Winter Session

I was recently introduced to Colorado-based Winter Session and I am loving the streamlined approach to waxed canvas… something to look out for next time I’m in Denver! winter-session



Founded by husband and wife duo, Roy Katz and Tanya Fleisher, Winter Session makes unisex goods that are thoughtful, durable, and responsible. Combining traditional methods and innovative technology, the couple crafts every product in their Denver, CO. workshop, using domestically-sourced and environmentally-conscious materials.


Photos courtesy of Winter Session. Follow along:

Amy Poehler

The last Amy Poehler quote I posted was a hit, so when I came across this gem in Elle while I was working through my saved articles last week, I knew I had to share.

A little bit of serious reading and some fun eye candy for you this weekend…

It’s Time to Tackle the Working Conditions of Women – BOF

Trafficking and exploitation are far more common in the US than one would think – this is a topic I’ve been learning more about lately and this BOF article was a timely reminder of the importance of empowering women.

How to Overcome Self Doubt and a Lack of Motivation

I’ve been reading and re-reading this lately as I work to overcome what could be crippling fears and self-doubt. What do you do to manage your doubts?

Sarah Frances Kuhn Camera Straps

I am kind of in love with these camera straps after seeing Taylor Tomasi Hill wear them for her Goop Fashion Week coverage… so affordable and hand made in Brooklyn! Which color to get?!

Loren Hope 2014 Lookbook

Gorgeous American-made jewelry, styling by Sara Kate Studios, and graphics by Sarah Tolzmann. Makers, take note. This is how it should be done.

Hackwith Design House Tasseltry

My friend Lisa just launched these incredible tassles made of scrap material from her clothing line… Her clothing is incredible, and this no-waste component is brilliant and I’m so proud of her for launching this so quickly. Also – check out Kate Arends rocking Lisa’s new releases, shot by Melissa Oholendt. Again, a text book example of brilliant women (who I am lucky to call friends!) partnering to create something amazing.

Happy Weekend, Friends! xx

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