Sometimes you just need to take a week off from blogging and reading blogs in order to get excited and get back to it! I’ll be back with a few fantastic interviews and features next week but here are some must read articles to catch up on this weekend.

HDH Basics!
I’m so stoked for Lisa’s new collection – it has been so much fun to watch it come together over the last few months at The Comn. These everyday, always available pieces will be the perfect addition to any wardrobe… though mine is slowly becoming very HDH heavy.

Five Questions: Kate Arends
My amazing friend (and another studio-mate!) is a tastemaker in this month’s Martha Stewart magazine. Check out the article for some of her favorite items and for her thoughts on party planning, Minneapolis, social media, and American made.

Do Less = Do More. The Art of Being Creative + Productive.
Yesterday I deleted everything in my information/organization apps and am attempting to start over. I get so overwhelmed with tasks and information and the-need-to-save-everything-in-case-I-ever-want-slash-need-to-come-back-to-it that I’m struggling to feel like I ever actually accomplish anything. I think I may give this schedule a try next week… anyone want to join me?! Also- please share how you organize your life! I’ve got email down, but todoist, evernote, pocket, etc. are big opportunities for me…

What Are We Doing to Strengthen Our Circles?
Per usual, Erin’s take on the circles of people we surround ourselves with and the fact that we need to nurture the relationships that make up our foundation is spot on. I shared this last week but was reminded of it again this week while I sat down to dinner with an amazing group of friends and people that I trust and believe in. Build your circle (of women AND men, in my case) and be good to it (and to yourself).

Another Reason to Love Birkenstocks.
I have always been a fan of the jolie laide (ugly beautiful) and also of anything comfortable – so clearly I’m happily sporting my birks these days. I appreciated that they were made in Germany (a high wage country) but am even happier to wear mine after reading Ana’s article… what a great company.

Conscious Consumption.
Often, I don’t write things because I don’t know how to frame my thoughts nicely (I wish I filtered what came out of my mouth this way!). My amazing friend Heidi Merrick perfectly articulated my thoughts on the cost of consumption last week… we are all responsible.

and last… I’m working on some updates to this site (hard to believe it’s almost been a year since TAE launched!) and I would LOVE your feedback… What do you like? What can I change? (the font will get bigger, finally!) What can I do better? What do you want to see more or less of? I’d love any and all input and suggestions! feel free to comment below, via social media, or by email! THANK YOU!

Have an awesome weekend! xx

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