The Abstract: 10.10

room and board american made

Room & Board has always been a favorite of mine (it’s based in MN, so not only are the products primarily American made but it is also a local business!) and I love the transparent approach to product origin they are taking on their website these days…

Hackwith Design House Brooks Jacket
The new HDH jacket collection is too good. It has been so fun to watch these pieces come to live at the COMN!

Reading My Tea Leaves: Growing a Minimalist Wardrobe
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Erin’s series on growing a minimalist wardrobe – minimalism is a buzzword these days and I appreciate Erin’s authentic approach at a time when so many people seem to be buying an entirely new wardrobe and then calling themselves minimalists for wearing only those pieces. Minimalism isn’t something I talk about that frequently on TAE b/c the entire purpose of this site is to bring you new brands and products, but I absolutely ascribe to the idea that you should buy less, but better and have a fairly small wardrobe that aligns with that mission.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Naturally Dyed
Becca’s overview of the natural dye process used in her most recent collection is fascinating… again, I love her transparent approach to her production process.

Ray Eames’s Unsung Influences on Modern Design
‘Ray and Charles both espoused an approach of curated independence. “It’s about what you want and making it work for you”’ YES.

Marbled Porcelain plate
by a new-to-me maker!

The Nobel Peace Prize
Children must go to school and not be financially exploited. I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t heard of Satyarthi’s work before but I cannot think of a better, more meaningful pairing for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Never Permit a Dichotomy to Rule Your life…
An important reminder via La Dolce Vita

Happy weekend!xR

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