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jennifer fisher a standard of living

Jennifer Fisher’s studio on my current favorite blog A Standard of Living – a site dedicated to small details that enhance common experiences.

Exposed Zippers interviews Betty Halbreich of Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorfs fame
“What do you love most about your job?
Love is about loving a man. As for my job, I like that I can put my legs over the bed, rise, dress and arrive here. I still have tremendous motivation without being driven.”

An interview with Emmanuelle Alt… my absolute woman crush
“First, I think a good attitude for a woman is to be confident, and to be confident is to be natural. I don’t want to be an image.”

9 Rules for Emailing from Google Exec Eric Schmidt
It’s somewhat bizarre that we’ve become a culture that accepts and excuses unresponsiveness and I’m disappointed in myself for letting my inbox get inexcusably out of control over the last few months. In my old job I managed several hundred emails a day so there is really no excuse for my current inbox! Inbox zero, here we come.

The Secret Journey of a Fashion Piece
Lauren Sherman’s series for BOF is a great overview of the process an item goes through from initial concept to purchase.

Second graders eat a 7 course tasting dinner at Daniel
Totally unrelated but this was hysterical and got me through a long day.

Talking luxury with the branding experts behind MADE and Milk Studios
“Do what you love, appeal to a smaller group of people, be bespoke.”

Inside Pinterest, the coming ad colossus that could dwarf Facebook and Twitter
“If Facebook is selling the past and Twitter the present, Pinterest is offering the future. “It’s about what you aspire to do, what you want to do down the line.””
Pinterest does feel more voyeuristic than Instagram if you pay attention – I’ve accurately predicted some pregnancies, moves, and breakups just by seeing what people I know (even just virtually!) pin… it’s a little creepy, if you think about! However… I recently purged old boards and am now re-addicted to pinning – but I’ve got nothing to hide – so follow along if you’d like! Pinterest: The American Edit

Have a wonderful weekend!xR

[image via A Standard of Living]

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