The Abstract 10.24

Boerum Brooklyn

Quiet Quality: Goal Setting
Jessica Comingore and Lauren Crosier talk goal setting, following your intuition, and setting intentions. I needed this this week.

Hello J.Crew
I’m not sure how I’d missed this but J.Crew’s blog is really, really good. So many awesome people interviews and local studio tours… check out Martin Greenfield, BRVTVS and Nilli Lotan!

Converse sues 31 companies for Chuck Taylor Trademark Infringement
This lawsuit reminded me of an excellent interview on the Modestics blog with the Herman Miller team –
Be Original With Herman Miller. The ongoing battle against knockoffs is enough to ruin even large companies… I feel strongly about supporting the original (or going without). But when design pieces become so ubiquitous it is fairly easy to understand that someone may have no idea that s/he is purchasing a knockoff. How do you learn about design to ensure you are buying the best you can buy for yourself?

Nearly Impossible Conference in New York Next Week!
I’m heading to New York next week and will be taking part in Nearly Impossible… an event where product companies come together to learn how to build strong brands and grow successful businesses. There’s a pretty amazing line up and I’m honored to be included. I’ll be offering one-on-one chat sessions at the workshop! Are you attending? I would love to meet you!

LAST! I’ve been asked a few times about the frequency of posts here on TAE – and I apologize. I’m working on some exciting projects at the moment that are taking up most of my attention – but I’m working on getting TAE back up to 3-4 posts and brand interviews a week! In the meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you want help finding when it comes to American Made… and also how you like to get your blog posts. Tweets? Facebook? Pinterest? I just set up Bloglovin again, so here’s that link…
Follow my blog with Bloglovin
please let me know! and THANK YOU for following along!

Image: The Boerum via Partners & Spade… excited to check this place out next week!

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