The Abstract: 11.7.14

faribault for target

Garance Dore: The Astro Twins
“My dream is that everyone knows what their chart is so they gain the self-acceptance and understanding. When you understand yourself and you can be in harmony with yourself, that is the only way to world peace.”
I’m thinking of scheduling a reading… has anyone ever done this?!

The New Potato: Rosie Assoulin on Food, Fashion and Dressing for Yourself.
“I don’t like mourning things that ‘aren’t’ anymore. I think that we’re moving in a good direction; we have to find the good things in new places, you know? I’ll always like getting dressed up. When you’re getting dressed up for something special, you really have to think about it. There are so many existential questions – I hate to get so heavy about it – but it’s interesting: what we’re saying, what our dreams are, what our hopes are. All those cheesy things that people think about, really come through in clothing, I think.”
Rosie’s collection is a primarily made in New York dream.

Kaufmann Mercantile: 5 Things I’ve Learned
The KM team celebrates their 5 year anniversary by asking some equally rad entrepreneurs what they’ve learned thus far.

Domaine Home: Inside a Young Family’s Eclectic California Home
If you follow me on pinterest, you probably know that I’ve got housing on my mind these days… I can’t stop looking at this incredible house designed by Amber Interiors

Unis Women’s Varsity Jacket
After receiving countless requests from the wives and girlfriends of their customers, Unis New York is now offering their much-loved Varsity Jackets in women’s sizes, as well as men’s. The lookbook is gorgeous and I want/need this one.

TAE Catchup!
Faribault + Target
Sleepy Jonesing
Hart & Honey – honored to be a featured creative on this beautiful blog run by two incredible women.

Photo: Wing Ta | Canary Grey for The American Edit

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