all of the answers.


Isn’t it refreshing that ANNA WINTOUR admits to still learning as she goes? and doesn’t have all of the answers? As an entrepreneur, I’m always hearing that I should become an expert, fake it till I make it, act the part, etc. And there’s a lot of validity in that advice. But at the end of the day, we’re all still learning, and improving as we go… I’m admittedly a huge nerd, but I can’t imagine why you would ever want to stop learning/know everything! What’s the fun in that?


I’m really excited for Northern Grade this weekend! If you are in Minneapolis, are you going?!

A great interview with Pamela Love and another via Steven Alan with Colleen Keller, designer of new-to-me label Babe.

I told you yesterday that I was obsessed with pouches… Becca’s gorgeous pouches launch Monday!

just for fun…Garance Dore : What does your Scandal Crush say about you?

have a wonderful weekend!

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