One of my favorite parts of studio & shop visits are the inspiration and gallery walls… I love a chance to see what inspires each creative and how they choose to display these inspirations. I dream of making a version of this wall, or the Clare V. NYC wall, in our house… but the plaster walls make that a little difficult!

Some pieces I’d love to add to my collection…

garance-dore-oliver-jeffers-artLine Drawings : Garance Dore | Oliver Jeffers

color-photography-printsColorful Photography : Grey Malin | Print Club Boston | Max Wanger

framed-artFramed Pieces :Rebecca Atwood | Best Made Co. | Siri Knutson – The Foundry Home Goods 

black-and-white-artBlack & White: Carly Martin | Social Proper | Note to Self 

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    1. Hi Angie – that’s not my image, just an inspiration image I found. I’d imagine they used tape or some sort of small pins to adhere the pictures – and it looks like there may be some bigger pins or magnets used as well!

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