Shinola (SHINE-ola, in case you were wondering! I was saying it incorrectly!) is a Detroit-based company that manufactures watches, bikes, and leather goods. Created by the founder and former leaders of Fossil Brands, Shinola’s goal is to reinvigorate quality manufacturing in America, and particularly in Detroit.


I’ve been a fan Shinola for some time now –  hearing Heath Carr speak at the American Made Workshop and visiting the Tribeca flagship only solidified my support of the brand. Heath spoke about the power of communities, and how the founders of Shinola were attracted to Detroit because of the supportive entrepreneurial community that was forming within the city – people were taking ownership to make Detroit better, and they wanted Shinola to be a part of that. To build the company, the founders could have easily worked with top talent from anywhere in the world, but instead they chose to work within their community – finding the best talent for digital, video, etc. right there in Detroit.

Clearly, it’s a great story. A lot of product sells because of a great story. But Shinola is more than that.


It’s an amazing experience. I was shocked by the size of the Tribeca store – you enter into an amazing, magazine-filled coffee shop where everyone is friendly (I’m from the Midwest – this stuff is important to me!), and then walk back into this gorgeous, two-story atrium of bikes and watches and leather goods galore. (Again, filled with really nice people… If I lived there, I’d want to be pals with the staff!)

The products are all classic but thoughtfully designed. A lot of American-made products really play off of the “heritage” concept, and while I can appreciate that look, it’s not usually my taste. Shinola uses heritage materials, but balances them in a simple, modern way. These are legitimately “have forever” pieces.


This leather piggy bank made me so happy. It didn’t come home with me, but I may have to do something about that soon. Although bicycles, watches, and leather goods are the brand focus, the shop also carries some jewelry, Detroit Denim, and other American made products.


Even more impressive? Shinola’s commitment to transparency. Transparency is a buzz word lately, which is fantastic and something I support wholeheartedly, but I’d also argue that gorgeously shot, well-lit (and pre-announced) photo stories detailing factory life are far from true transparency (although a great first step towards educating consumers!). Shinola is legitimately transparent – check out their factory livestream!

[photos by TAE]

To learn more about Shinola:

Arrow Minneapolis

Arrow is this little gem in the North Loop of Minneapolis that has all of these amazing, somewhat hard to find brands… their assortment is always changing, and always really, really good. The owners are friendly (even if you are just looking that day!), passionate about the lines they carry, and curate an incredible selection for both men and women.


THE Anine Bing booties you’ve seen all over the interwebs this season? oh… of course, Arrow has them! Handmade in LA – and absolutely gorgeous in person. Styled with Lady Grey jewelry… made in Brooklyn.

arrow-minneapolis-itasca-moccasinsIf, like me, the Anine Bings make your feet resemble (studded) boats, then these Itasca Leathergoods moccasins are made in Minnesota… and are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn (that pewter pair came home with me!)… and these Assad Mounser jewels are made in New York and what I dream of throwing on every time I leave the house in the uniform.

arrow-minneapolis-mother-jeansMother Denim, with a little bit of Rachel Comey mixed in on that rack…

arrow-minneapolis-2 Prospector Co. soaps and cleansers… organic and handmade in Savannah, Georgia.

arrow-minneapolis-4Anine Bing images via Arrow, the rest by Wing Ta!

Meg Biram Shop

I’ve been a fan of Meg Biram for years – her #GSD series is one of my very favorites, and I adore her personal style. I was excited when she launched the Meg Biram shop, and thrilled when she shared that the majority of the items in her shop are made in America (including A-list brand Elizabeth Dehn x One Love Organics)! Meg was kind enough to answer some of my questions… I can’t wait to see what comes next for her new shop! Thank you, Meg!

What drives you?

My drive is just an inner thing I can’t explain. I’ve always been the way I am. I didn’t realize it until after college while I was talking to a friend on the phone, that not everyone thought about business like I did. I’m an entrepreneur in my blood.

What makes your day?

Flowers. Anything my husband and I laugh really hard at. A good meal. A surprise. A great email in my inbox.

What are your style essentials?

All black everything. You need one of everything in black.


What piece of advice has been most helpful/would you give to other makers?

  • Stick with your gut, your vision.
  • Educate yourself about everything.
  • If you aren’t obsessed with it, you won’t stick with it.
  • Find a few people you can constantly go to for advice or for an opinion.

Where do you like to shop?

I do most of my shopping online. Mostly for convenience. I love shopping in person, but don’t make the time for it very often. I can also support small businesses around the US by shopping from their websites. Win win.


Where do you escape?

In the summer I head down to the pool at our building frequently. I love traveling, reading, painting, yoga — all of those things are escapes for me.

Why do you support brands that manufacture in America?

I love it when I find products I want to carry that are made in America. That makes me more inclined to want to purchase them for the shop and for myself. Knowing I’m supporting someone else’s dreams while purchasing something I love is an amazing feeling.

Why is your collection different/special?

My shop is very curated. Anything I carry in my shop I either love, use, own, would like to own myself, or would give as a gift. I felt like there was a hole in the online market for my specific aesthetic, so I saw the opportunity to fill it.


Make sure to check back tomorrow – Meg is sharing some other favorite American-made items!

Photos by Yvonne Rock, graphics by Meg Biram 

Ten Over Six LA.

TEN OVER SIX LA is one of those stores where you walk in and instantly feel at home. And also feel the need to redecorate your home…and revamp your wardrobe.

Bright and airy (with the perfect lime green exterior as a complement), the shop curates the best selection of designers, big and small, in a cohesive manner that leaves you feeling like your wardrobe would just be so much simpler (and even more amazing) if you could just buy everything from this one shop. And each brand and item is special enough that you probably could… but that wouldn’t be much fun!

tenoversixlahopewellquiltThese Hopewell quilts were so soft!

tenoversixla-wendynicholsWendy Nichol makes these bucket bags by hand in her New York studio – there are so many amazing little details in these bags! tenoversixlarachelcomeybagsRachel Comey bags and dresses. I’d love a stand like that to store my own bags!

10-over-6-wallThe jewelry selection is ever-changing and amazing.

also – check out this Trendland post on the Ten Over Six LA’s branding – so bold, so cohesive. amazing.