The goal of The American Edit is to share the best of the best items that are made right here in America. The items and brands I feature will be primarily American-made, but consideration is given to items that are made domestically of imported materials and brands that produce both domestically and internationally. The product information shared on this site is collected through conversations with the brand or other reputable sources (e.g., e-commerce sites) and I work to ensure it is accurate. If something seems amiss, please let me know.

The American Edit and related social media platforms are affiliated with rewardStyle and ShopSense which means that there is a possibility of receiving a commission on items purchased via affiliate links.  I only link to retailers and brands I personally believe in and shop with. As always, I recommend shopping at a small local business first and then hitting up the magical interwebs! Items in the Shop the Edit section will take you to various retailers – not all of these links are affiliate links but almost all are tracked so that I know what readers are interested in!

I work with select brands on sponsored blog and Instagram posts, which means I receive compensation in exchange for editorial content. Sponsored posts are always clearly marked as such, are always written by me, and reflect my thoughts and opinions. I only work with brands and feature products that I believe in and only work with one sponsor each month.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please let me know. The goal is to be transparent so that the focus remains on elevating American-made… I’m happy to discuss this further with you!
– Rita

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