Celebrating Earth Day with Eileen Fisher

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I’ve always known about Eileen Fisher but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that the brand was one I wanted to learn more about. Similar to when you learn a new word and then start to see and hear it everywhere, Eileen Fisher became something I came across frequently and wanted to seek out on my own…

First, a friend with incomparable taste and exceedingly high expectation mentioned she loved the brand’s sweaters; next, I read this incredible New Yorker profile on Eileen Fisher, with mentions to the brand’s responsible and sustainable practices right around the time I was starting to really rethink my career and how I shopped; and last, Celine and The Row came into my purview, showing timeless, simple, elegant looks – that I admired but could never dream to afford… but that seemed to share a similar aesthetic and ethos with much of Eileen Fisher’s collection. My infatuation was validated when The Cut told me it was cool to love Eileen Fisher, but I’d already become fan.

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Style will always be my primary factor in making a purchase decision or recommendation but what impresses me most about Eileen Fisher is the brand’s commitment to showing their customers what is behind the label and to improving the industry for everyone involved (which, when you think about it, is everyone – or at least those of us who wear clothes!).

“We don’t want sustainability to be our edge. We want it to be universal.” —Eileen

Our vision is for an industry where human rights and sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative, but the cause of a business well run. Where social and environmental injustices are not unfortunate outcomes, but reasons to do things differently.

On Behind the Label, you can learn more about Eileen Fisher’s commitment to Made in the USA, organic & sustainable fibers, safe dying practices, fair trade practices, human rights and their supply chain, and even how to wash and repair your items correctly so that they last for a long time! It’s comprehensive, and thoughtful, and so important.

This year, Eileen Fisher’s Spring Collection is 80% sustainable – a new record and simply an amazing feat. 20% of the collection is made in the USA as compared to 3% of most other brands. And all of it is simple, well-made, and beautiful.
Eileen Fisher Earth Day Living Local
To celebrate the collection and Earth Day, Eileen Fisher is hosting a giveaway of a $1000 shopping spree. Take this 5 question quiz (it’s fun and quick!) and let me know if your style leans towards Natural Beauty, Enlightened Luxe, or Living Local. (you won’t be surprised to find that mine was Living Local!)… even if you don’t win the gift card, you’re likely to find yourself with a little bonus takeaway just for entering!

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post – I received compensation from Eileen Fisher in order to promote the Spring 2016 collection for Earth Day. I believe in the collection and that the products I’ve chosen to share align with the goals of The American Edit. Thank you for supporting the partners that support TAE. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to EMAIL ME.

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