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Did you set a fitness related resolution this year? I didn’t, exactly… but I do start basically every week thinking I’ll work out more than I did the last week, so it’s kind of an ongoing thing for me.

New workout gear is definitely a motivator for me – maybe I’m vain for caring what I look like while working out, but it really does seem to help.

When it comes to work out clothes, quality matters, to a point. The cut and material absolutely have to be right – no one wants to be adjusting tops or pulling up their pants all day long (or see other people doing that!) but I also don’t think of most of my work out clothes as investment pieces – they obviously get sweaty, are thrown in gym bags, washed frequently, etc. I want them to last for six months to a year, but I’m not expecting anything longer.

I’ve yet to find a favorite brand (and my thighs definitely touch, which may explain why a certain big brand doesn’t work for me!) but I’ll be trying these out this year. Any other American-made favorites I should check out?

5 thoughts on “The Edit: American-Made Fitness

  1. Wow! I actually wrote a post about this this morning! I hadn’t heard of this brand thank you so much. I just found your blog via Nubby Twiglet I am so glad I clicked through! 🙂

  2. I haven’t tried any of these, but I know the following activewear lines are made in the U.S.!

    Pink Lotus
    Nux (heard really good things about this company)

    Aside: Keep us posted on what you find! So hard getting back into a good routine with working out but it’s worth it. I found that cleaning up my diet simultaneously has helped. I realized that over the holidays I was probably eating an extra 2,000 calories every other day just from booze and cheese. How on earth is one serving of cheese supposed to be sufficient?!

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