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True story : I’m currently obsessed with pouches, envelopes, and totes. It’s sort of becoming a problem but at the same time they are so useful – and pretty!

I travel a lot. And now that I work from home, I find myself running all over town during the day. I have a great bag that holds all of my junk (even my DSLR!) but I was constantly digging around in it looking for lipstick, earrings, a pen, etc. I felt like a disaster at all times. And I was always losing temporarily misplacing stuff. Even though I am already that person who is constantly checking to make sure she has her I.D./keys/cell phone/wallet/etc. It was not good. Not good at all.

I knew I had to get it together before New York – 8 days and 3 hotel changes is enough to make anyone crazy without also having to deal with misplaced necessities. I ransacked my closet for any and all pouches and tried a few different combinations – here’s my most recent packing advice!

1. Baggu Leather pouches

I use the medium pouch for chapstick, mints and makeup I may want to take around with me during the day. The smaller pouches stayed in my suitcase most of the time but were filled with jewelry, hair pins and hair ties – all the important things that I usually lose to the bottom of my suitcase!

2. J.W. Hulme leather envelope

Perfect for a pen, receipts, business cards, and some easily accessible cash (I hate digging into my real wallet on the street!). The bright color also helps it to stand out in my bag!

3. Feed NYC Tote

Reusable bags are amazing – they take up little to no space so I almost always throw one in my suitcase in case we need some extra storage during or after a trip. But most of our bags are branded and I don’t love being a walking advertisement… unless it’s for a good cause. This FEED bag is cute , durable, and the proceeds went to supporting Hurricane Sandy relief. win win!

4. Clare Vivier Oversize Clutch

This clutch is enormous but takes up almost no space in a suitcase. I pack delicate tops in it to avoid errant snags and holes from other items in my suitcase and then can take it out on it’s own when my duffle feels too casual. These are technically foldover clutches, but I prefer to carry mine vertically and roll down the top … like a lunch bag!

any other organization tips? I’m still working (will always be working!) on putting important things (hello, license and credit card!) in the same exact place every time… would love to know what works for you!

2 thoughts on “The Edit : Packing Advice

  1. I LOVE Baggu bags. I swear by their “Standard Baggu” large cloth shopping bags. Virtually indesctructible, so you can load them up with much more than you think, which makes grocery shopping in pedestrian DC much more bearable. They also fold up into teeny little pouches and come in a billion colors, so I just keep them in my purse at all times. In a city that charges you extra for plastic shopping bags, these things are incredible.

    I’m also a huge fan of packing folders for travel. They keep clothing folded and in place, and make for easy rearranging on the go. Not sure if there are any cute American-made options, but would love to know if you come across something!

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