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Elizabeth Dehn, or, as you may know her, Beauty Bets, has been my beauty savior in Minneapolis. If she recommends it, I try it, and she hasn’t had a miss yet. So when she partnered with One Love Organics to launch Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics, I knew the line would be amazing… However, I didn’t realize quite how special each product would be until I tried them. I’m the ultimate skincare snob, and these are some of the most luxurious and impactful beauty products I’ve used – it’s hard to believe that they are truly all-natural. After reading her blog for the better part of a decade, it was so fun to sit down with her and learn more about her and the line.


What are your style essentials?

A men’s vintage watch – always. Statement jewelry. A great pair of jeans. Any shirt where I can pop the collar. Nerdy glasses. Lashes. (n.b. – Elizabeth’s lashes are what dreams are made of.)

What have you learned?

You have to be yourself and you have to trust your instincts no matter what. There will always be people doing what you want to do – you have to follow your own path.


What gets you through the day/through the week?

People. The brilliant, kind, real, big-hearted women I work with.

What drives you?

The desire for freedom. To travel. I work so much now so that I won’t have to later.

How do you escape?

The spa, as often as possible, for regular facials and massages. I believe everyone deserves some form of that – even if it is just 15 minutes of meditation or washing your face at night. It’s the only time of the week where I don’t have to be on.


Why do you support Made in America and independent brands?

I know how much work and heart and creativity went into getting that product into my hands. I respect the craft from start to finish immensely. Creating a product, taking it to market and being successful is on of the hardest things to do and the biggest risk a person can take.

Who inspires you?

My business partner Suzanne from One Love Organics. I’ve never met a harder working person in my life. She is also eternally optimistic in a realistic way – which is probably one of the greatest traits an entrepreneur can have.

After meeting Elizabeth, I’m an even bigger fan of Beauty Bets and OLO than I was before… Meeting someone you admire can be tricky – what if they don’t live up to your expectations? But Elizabeth is as kind, funny, and inspiring as she comes across on her blog and in this interview. Her mission to empower women through beauty? That’s legit – that’s just who she is. The only thing that surprised me after meeting her? Her skin seriously glows in real life. I didn’t know it was possible to have skin like that… Must be that face mist!

I’m so excited for more and more people to discover the amazingness that is ED for OLO! Because OLO gets us, they sell sample packs for $5.95!

PS – even Garance loves ED for OLO!

[images courtesy of Elizabeth Dehn]

One Love Organics is a TAE A-list brand.

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  1. A comment can’t begin to do this post or the care and consideration you put into it justice, Rita! So honored to be featured, so grateful there is someone like you in the world who sees the beauty in the work we are all doing to bring more joy and and self-expression to the everyday—including you and TAE! xo

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