The Introduction: Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Vitamin C Body Oil


We’ve talked about my friend Elizabeth before… she was my beauty guru before we became friends and she absolutely has the most incredible skin of anyone I know. She’s taken her beauty prowess and turned it into my favorite collaboration – Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics. Elizabeth and Suzanne have created an incredible collection of natural, moisturizing skin care products – they work, they smell great, and they look great on your counter (something that is important to me – I’m more likely to use a product if I like how it looks!)

Today I’m excited to share their newest incredible product, the Vitamin C Body Oil. I got a chance to test the body oil over the last week, and it is officially added to my daily routine.

I only use natural soaps, which unfortunately leave my skin drier than I’d like. Honestly, when I stay at other people’s houses and use their normal, as-far-from-natural-as-possible body wash, it almost feels like a treat – my skin is always so soft afterwards! But, I know it’s also covered in chemicals, which is not really my thing. So I offset the dryness with copious amounts of coconut oil and lotion, but still miss the ease of “regular” body washes.

This week, I kept the body oil in the shower and applied right after turning off the water – my skin stayed soft and hydrated all day AND I smelled amazing. win, win. The oil is exfoliating and moisturizing, so it’s more efficient than my coconut oil, and it smells like a trip to the beach. Which we can all use, no matter the time of year.

New to One Love Organics? I recommend you try the sample pack… single use doses of each and every item! The body oil is joining the Vitamin D mist and eye balm (which Matt also loves!) as constants in my bathroom… I think you’ll love them too!

[Disclosure : I was sent a bottle of the Vitamin C Body Oil to test – but I buy ED for OLO with my own money all of the time and only tell you about products that I love!]

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