Faribault + Target

“In partnerships you have to be similar enough to make sense but different enough to be interesting.”
– Chay Costello, Assistant Director of Merchandising, The Museum of Modern Art, at Nearly Impossible

I’m still processing everything I learned at Nearly Impossible last week but the quote above (from one of my merchandising heroes) is apt for this week’s launch of the limited edition, online only Faribault + Target collection.
faribault + target
There’s no question that I love Faribault Woolen Mill – it is an incredible company filled with amazing people working tirelessly to create products that will last a lifetime.

Target is also an incredible company – it is where I learned about responsible, ethical production and sourcing, it focuses on community outreach and giving, and, let’s be honest, it makes many of our lives easier.

faribault  target scarf
Both brands are also based right here in Minnesota. Similar, yes. But also very different. Which is what makes this collaboration so incredible.

Typically, Faribault partners with brands like Madewell and Steven Alan by producing premium quality exclusive designs. Target also partners with the best designers in the world, but manages production and sourcing internally to provide more accessibly priced options.

The obvious execution of this partnership would have been for Target to product Faribault designs within their current production processes. But Faribault is a Minnesota made brand and Target, also a believer in American made, respected that.

In order to provide obtainable price points AND produce the product domestically, the companies worked together to create a simplified weave and material blend – that is still durable and very soft.

The entire collection of blankets, scarves, and accessories is made in Minnesota – and every item is under $80. That’s pretty incredible, right?

faribault x target-9

faribault + target

Shop the collection:

Original photography for The American Edit thanks to Wing Ta of Canary Grey Photography and styling by Megan Gonzalez of Mae Mae & Co. Product samples were borrowed from Target – this is not a sponsored post, just a collaboration I’m happy to support.

12 thoughts on “Faribault + Target

  1. These products look incredible! I’d love to learn more about Target in particular. I began my own sustainable/ethical purchasing journey about a year ago, and I find myself skeptical of a lot of brands’ own websites promoting themselves. If you have any links or features about bigger retailers in particular I’d be interested!

    1. Hey Jessie! this is a great question and something I’d love to dive into more as well. will work on this! thanks!

  2. The only negative thing I can say about this collaboration is I wish it was carried in stores! It would be so easy to add a scarf or blanket to my normal Target run and just pass it off to my husband like “we need a lot of cleaning supplies.” I can’t wait to purchase from this collaboration.


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