The Introduction: Apiece Apart


Apiece Apart’s 2014 collection is (almost) making me miss my business professional dress code days… luckily these pieces would look just as good with my jeans and tees!




APIECE APART is a line of elevated basics – building block pieces that are as versatile as the woman wearing them. The label is brought to life through clean lines, chic, simple shapes, impeccable tailoring and beautiful fabrics. It balances the simple with the sophisticated; the classic with the modern. APIECE APART was born during a trip to West Texas for the designers’ 30th birthdays. Inspired by the austere and beautiful landscape, Starr Hout and Laura Cramer conceived of a simplified wardrobe, one that could be packed into a single bag – simple items that could be mixed and matched to go anywhere and do anything.

The line is predominantly produced in New York City and is designed by Laura Cramer and Starr Hout.


Apiece Apart can also be found at J.Crew and at Mille.

Images via J.Crew & Apiece Apart.

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