The Introduction: Bliss & Mischief


I’ve been eyeing the new white t-shirt from Bliss & Mischief and realized I had yet to share the brand. Hillary Justin launched Bliss & Mischief with re-designed and embroidered denim and military jackets (I learned of her work through my friends at Jean Stories!) and has recently added a collection of vintage-inspired t-shirts… based on the fit of a favorite vintage t-shirt, softened and distressed by stone washing (the same process used to wash your jeans!), these look pretty perfect to me. I dream of the day I could pull off some off this denim… but I know I would wear these tees all day every day.

“I started by acting very instinctually,” explains BAM designer and founder Hillary Justin, ”thinking about the colors of the desert and this epic, ‘I-don’t-know-how-old or how-tall’ cactus in my backyard.”
Inspired by this epic cactus, as well as the sun bled shades of Joshua Tree and the vivid embroidered details of classic Western kitsch, Justin began to source vintage cloth while re-designing and revamping classic pieces. Bliss and Mischief’s offering now range from original custom and handmade chain-stitch designs, executed on vintage stock, to vintage fabrics reborn as fresh, modern designs. In addition to these one-of-a-kind pieces, Bliss And Mischief’s collection also includes a select curation of vintage classics – military jumpsuits, antique Japanese kimonos, perfectly soft, solid vintage t-shirts, and more.

Simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic, Bliss and Mischief is clothing which embraces all the beautiful imperfections that come with fabric lived in…and loved.

Some of my favorites…
1. The Conjure Flower Denim | 2. Destroyed Sunday Tee, Vintage White | 3. East at Dawn Jacket, Peach | 4. Vintage Reworked Flight Suit

more American made white t-shirts…

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