The Introduction: Daame

american made laptop bag

One of the things I love about running this site is the introduction to new brands doing amazing things. I am often swayed to purchase an item when I find that the founders have built their business in accordance with the general ethos of responsibility – when they give their time or profits to good causes on top of the work they already do to ensure their products are made ethically.

That’s why I was so excited to speak with the founders of DAAME earlier this week – when confronted with the issue that I know we all have had – the need for a beautiful, functional laptop bag – they decided to merge their strengths and create their own line.

DAAME was started with a great desire to support today’s woman with beautiful + functional products – and because the founders spend quite a bit of their personal time volunteering, they give 5% to non-profits that provide education for girls in need – so that they can kick-ass in life.

I think this is a cause we can all get behind!

For more businesses working to make the world a better place, also check out This Good World.

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2 thoughts on “The Introduction: Daame

  1. One of the best parts about so many American-made companies is that they do give back. It’s a great trend I’ve noticed, and couple with products designed and made here, it’s all the more reason to support these businesses! 🙂

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