Makers Monday

Today is Makers Monday… a different take on Cyber Monday, if you will. To be completely honest with you, at first I wasn’t sure if I’d be sharing this shopping event… I love Shinola, the brand behind the event, but I wasn’t sure that the registered makers would be a fit for TAE. When I curate collections or seek out brands to share, the fact that the products are made in America is the final deciding factor, not the first, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this list.

However, I was pleased to see some of my favorite brands on the list – and happily surprised to discover some new amazing brands. Above, my Makers Monday favorites!

and… if you are wondering… buying local does more than you think!

Loren Hope (20% off today) / Imogene + Willie / Pierrepont Hicks / Marbella Modern / J.W. Hulme / Woodchuck Case / Shinola / Moop / Shannon South / Ampersand Brand / Schoolhouse Electric / Topo Designs / Outlier / Rocker Baby Nation / Sea Salt Soap /Faribault Mill blanket

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