Why do you manufacture in America?


Buying American made has become such a part of my life that I’ve found myself struggling to explain myself – I tend to be incredibly inarticulate about things I am passionate about and frequently end up stumbling all over my explanation. Not ideal. Thankfully, many of my favorite makers were far more articulate when I asked them why they chose to manufacture in America.

It is so satisfying to be able to provide jobs and keep people in business. We love to support our local economy and fellow artisans. We appreciate the ability to oversee our manufacturing and quality. Also, the relationships we’ve made are the best part of what we do – there is a human side of manufacturing, and we believe that is translated into what you wear.
The Podolls

We wanted to keep our ethics in tact. We don’t take the easy route. We had to try it – and make it work. People are starting to care about made in the USA. We can make a difference. We care about what we buy. We believe in a local economy and less environmental impact. America is young and quilts are a deep part of American history. Our families have quilted for generations. Staying here felt right. It also allows us to make sure our products meet our standards – quality control would be incredibly difficult overseas. We like to see the people we work with – we get to know them and build relationships with them.
Hopewell Workshop

To me there is no other choice. I believe in the country and as we grow, we give many people opportunities here. I’ve seen too many people lose their jobs, end up in a rut and see their futures get whittled down. A little bit of effort can help people make a better living and live better lives. Why wouldn’t we try 100% to do that?
Conway Electric

Too many reasons to mention – but mainly because I can guarantee the quality of everything I produce locally. Every product I sell is sewn here in LA, either by me, or by my sewing assistant who works from her sewing studio just a few miles away.
Cotton & Flax

I believe in keeping the production of P&O items American-made to help our local and national economy and I am able to control the quality of my goods by keeping them local. If everyone spent 5% more on US made products, we could create 1 million jobs.
Preston & Olivia

We’re proud to support our domestic garment industry.

For every $1 OF GOODS produced in the USA, an additional $1.43 is generated for the economy. It can be really, really hard to produce in America, but it’s easier to create beauty products than some other products. The more we support domestic production, the more it will grow.
One Love Organics & S.W. Basics – Why beauty products should be American Made

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  1. The more I hear about Made in America, the more I consider the proliferation of out-sourced production and what that means for local economies, job security, and the quality of production. Thank you for sharing these manifestos!

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