NYT + Christopher Payne : Fruits of the Loom

I think I have looked at these images every day this week – I’m in awe. The color, the format, the incredible detail.

I’ve always loved understanding the process behind things – and even though I know how exactly how much work it takes to take an item from concept to reality, it still feels sort of magical to me when I see a finished product. Christopher Payne’s incredible photography makes that process seem even more magical

From The New York Times Magazine:

“Christopher Payne has spent much of the past few years photographing more than 20 of the mills that make up what’s left of America’s textile industry…

He uses a large-format view camera — just a lens, a bellows and a ground focusing glass — that exposes individual sheets of 4-by-5-inch film; the setup for his long-exposure shots often takes hours. He describes his work as an attempt “to convey the significance of places and processes, once marvels of their time, that have now fallen into obsolescence” and yet remain vital to the few people left who employ these methods and purchase these goods.”

NYT Magazine | Christopher Payne Photography

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