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Have you ever wondered about the people who made your favorite mug, shirt or chair? In Why Do We Have Things?, Rita Mehta of The American Edit and Erin Husted of Hackwith Design House interview the independent designers, artists, small business owners and creatives behind our favorite things.

Today’s guest is Dan Hauber, the founder of Wright Bedding, a design driven company that focuses on making the best possible mattresses, pillows and bedding right here in America. Dan and Rita talk all about the process that went into launching WRIGHT – from the initial idea to the moment he knew he had to quit his job and focus on WRIGHT full time, to the 27 iterations and the jawbone testing that led to Wright’s first mattress, to the decision to build a product that is as beautiful as it is functional.
wright w1.27 mattress

Wright bedding
the details and process of making the W1.27 mattress
Typically… design had been “a vertical stripe in the chain of events” in a product’s delivery; at Apple, it became “a long horizontal stripe, where design is part of every conversation.”
Modernica Case Study Bed

“If you are insanely devoted to making something better and to building it the right way, finding the right materials, the right production techniques, the right testing process and the right everything else. If you put the time and effort in to create something better, people will realize that, and people will connect with that.

Thank you to WRIGHT for sponsoring the podcast and bringing me to New York to celebrate NYCxDESIGN! I’ll be at THE SHOWROOM IN SOHO Thursday – Saturday and we’ll be recording some fun episodes of Why Do We Have Things? (including a bonus episode going up this week!) If you are in New York, please stop by, I’d love to meet you! If you aren’t in town, use code “theamericanedit” for 15% off your purchase!

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