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Read Instead – Screen printed in Oakland, California by BOOK/SHOP founder Erik Heywood.

Just a few of the more interesting things I’ve read lately:

Rebecca Atwood in the New York Times! My Rebecca Atwood pillows are some of my favorite pieces in my home and it has been so fun to watch Becca grow her collection over the last year. In case you missed it, read her TAE feature from last fall! 

Girl of a Certain Age: How much is too much to pay for a pair of jeans? (The conversation is in the comments on this one!)

Zappos is launching a personal shopping service via instagram… I’m personally not that interested in Instagram turning into a shopping site, but it will be interesting to see what comes of this!

If you’d rather just look at some gorgeous pictures, check out the new Parc Boutique Spring Lookbook that my friends Thao, Wing – Canary Grey Photography, and Jackie – Munster Rose Styling put together. Every lookbook they put out trumps the last one… so inspiring!

Happy weekend, friends! xR

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