Rebecca Atwood – The Williamson Collection

Rebecca Atwood Made in Brooklyn

Rebecca Atwood – The Williamson Collection

Rebecca Atwood launched her new collection this week… celebrating one year since her initial collection launch! Becca’s pillows are some of my favorite things (and Becca herself is the sweetest!) and I’ve loved watching her collection evolve and grow… this new collection is gorgeous and makes me wish we had more couches.

The Future of Furniture : West Elm
hint… West Elm thinks the future just may be local. I love to see a traditional brand focus – realistically and empathetically – on American made and local production! Looks like most of the local products are on the West Elm Blog for now… check it out!

How The New Potato Became The Coveteur of Food Blogs

Loved this interview with Laura & Danielle Kosann of The New Potato, one of my favorite blogs. Great advice and insight into how they started and where they are taking TNP!

Surviving Surviving Jack

Justin Halpern (Sh*t My Dad Says) walks us through how TV shows get made – and what he learned from making the Shit My Dad Says TV show. I love his inside – and honest- perspective into the network television process.

One Kings Lane : The weekly click list

Such an honor to be called out by one of my favorite shopping destinations!

Factory Geeks

A great article theorizing why factories and production are becoming a topic of interest… With another sweet call out for TAE!


[photos by Emily Johnston for Rebecca Atwood]

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  1. Thanks for the curated reading list Rita! I always look forward to these on Friday mornings, helps me ‘pocket’ it for the weekend. Congrats on the write-up. It is well-deserved.
    -oldr sistr

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