It’s officially fall and denim is on the mind. What better way to celebrate fall and the site refresh than with a week devoted to my very favorite material!

A few fun facts to get us started…

Jeans are technically pants (typically made of denim) that are reinforced with rivets and were introduced to the world by Levi Strauss around 1873. You can have denim trousers that are not actually jeans… take that, corporate dress code!

The word “jeans” comes from a material frequently worn by sailors from Genoa, Italy.

The word “denim” is attributed to a French material that was partially wool – serge de Nimes (translated – twill from Nimes).

Denim is primarily made with cotton, which is primarily grown in America.

A majority of American made denim production takes place in LA, with a large amount of the actual denim coming from North Carolina.

Images via Garance Dore 1, 2, 3. See more here!