Why Your Beauty Products Should be American Made

I’ve used primarily natural skincare products for years but admittedly it wasn’t until recently that I started to think about where my beauty products were made. I’ve been checking all of my labels and I found that a lot of my products were made here… but some were made in surprising places. I wanted to learn more about the industry, so I did some research and spoke with two of my favorite skincare experts, Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics and Suzanne LeRoux of One Love Organics… what I learned is that American made beauty products may be the ideal, but numerous responsible options exist. Read on to learn more about what to consider when purchasing:


Beauty products are subject to similar regulation as other production processes in a country, so look to responsible producers such as the US, the EU, Australia, and Japan for your beauty products. The EU has the strictest regulation, which can explain why ingredient lists on European products seem much longer than on other products – there may not actually be more ingredients than other products, but companies are required to list more information. Some national brands will make an EU version of a product and a version for the rest of the world – if this is the case, the EU version is likely your best option.

Product Safety + Integrity.

Exotic ingredients are frequently used in beauty products – these products typically come from developing countries, where you are more likely to run the risk of human, labor, and environmental exploitation. Focus on supporting brands that utilize fair trade ingredients, which are closely regulated and help to empower individuals around the world.

Product Knowledge.

Everyone has had a bad experience with a beauty product at some time or another – by purchasing products from smaller (non-mass) companies, you have a better opportunity to speak to the maker or the company itself to learn about the product and how it will benefit you, or to share your experience and prevent other people from a similar one.


Is the brand open about the products? Is there a way to access someone to ask questions? Most smaller American made beauty brands have become incredible pioneers in terms of product and ingredient transparency and are doing far more than they are technically required to do, thus raising the bar for all brands.

Animal Testing.

All products made in China must undergo animal testing.

True Cost. 

Big companies have million dollar advertising budgets. The amount of money spent advertising the newest lipstick or face wash is incredible. But when you are purchasing a $3 lipstick/face wash/etc., you are paying as much for what is in the lipstick as the marketing itself, which is a little scary. Conversely, when you purchase a $20 product from a smaller brand, you are most likely just paying for the ingredients and labor in the product as these brands focus less attention on marketing and more on making amazing product.

and last…

For every $1 of goods produced in the USA, an additional $1.43 is generated for the economy. It can be really, really hard to produce in America, but it’s easier to create beauty products than some other products. The more we support domestic production, the more it will grow.

Thank you, Adina and Suzanne, for making incredible products that I feel safe using, and for taking the time to share your knowledge with me!

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The Edit: 312 Beauty


It’s American made beauty week! Today Laurie from 312 Beauty is sharing her favorite, natural finds… Laurie is an incredible beauty blogger based in Chicago (with the best hair!); be sure to check out her blog for natural skincare and beauty tips, product reviews, and product recipes!

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The Edit: Elizabeth Dehn, Beauty Bets


Today we are kicking of Beauty Week on TAE! Although I have been conscious of using primarily natural products for several years, I only recently started to think about where my beauty products came from… and why that matters. This week we’ll have some of our favorite beauty bloggers sharing their American made beauty favorites – most of which also happen to be natural – and I’ll be sharing some details as to why it really does matter where your products are made. Check back all week and be sure to share your favorite American made products in the comments!

I couldn’t start this week off with anyone other than Elizabeth Dehn, or Beauty Bets as you may know her. Elizabeth has been my guide to beauty – and the best services and treatments in Minneapolis – for as long as I’ve lived here, and I’m lucky to call her a friend. She is incredibly motivating and inspiring (she blogs, she is an editor for a magazine, AND she has collaborated with TAE favorite One Love Organics on a skincare line!) and her skin seriously glows. GLOWS. If she wasn’t so awesome, I’d be so intimidated by the skin alone.

Thank you, so much Elizabeth, for sharing your favorite American made beauty products!

  1. The founder of Yarok Hair is one of the most humble, hilarious guys in the industry. He also makes THE best sulfate-free, volumizing shamoo I’ve ever used.
  2. Confession: I have a serious packaging crush on Herbivore Botanicals. In fact, everything about this artisan brand makes me squeal inside.
  3. Ilia Beauty made me a natural-makeup believer. The lipstick and lip crayon formulas are unbelievably lush yet pigmented.
  4. I’ve been a Horst devotee my whole life, so his Intelligent Nutrients line holds a special place in my heart. No one can do what he has done with plants.
  5. It’s no secret that I’m a One Love Organics girl through and through. They are pioneers and care so deeply about their customers. There’s no other indie skincare brand I’d rather be collaborating with!

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Pregnancy. To be honest, it terrifies me. TEN months spent managing an ever-changing body in order to prepare you for a lifetime of parenting, teaching, loving, and coaching an actual human being. I don’t know how anyone does it. Sometimes I wonder why. But the pregnant women and mothers I know have gracefully managed their pregnancies and become incredible, inspiring moms. And babies are pretty awesome… so I know it’s worth it.

But, one aspect of pregnancy that seems incredibly unfair to me is that it is a lot of work. On top of the changing body and the buying all of the things the baby needs, pregnant women are suddenly inundated with all new needs – particularly new clothing and new beauty products that won’t harm the baby. I’ve watched my friends try on clothes and research products – everything feels like a compromise – style or comfort? safety vs. efficacy? How do you choose? It could drive anyone crazy – why should we subject a woman (who could potentially be carrying a future Nobel Peace Prize winner!) to that?

Courtney Klein is working to solve this problem with Storq, a new collection of pregnancy basics. Black and white cotton basics, made in LA, and all natural beauty products (also made in the USA) that are safe for pregnant women. Pregnant women can buy individual items or bundles, and the work and research is literally done for you.

I’m not pregnant, but honestly, I’d love a set like this for myself with non-maternity basics. We make decisions all day everyday, most of them shouldn’t be that difficult. I love that Courtney and the Storq team are redefining pregnancy, making it easier – and more fashionable – for new moms. Thank you, Courtney, for taking the time to answer some questions… Looking forward to seeing what is next for Storq!

storq-courtney-kleinWHAT/WHO INSPIRES YOU?

Women. Strong, smart, stylish women. Rule breakers, shatterers of glass ceilings.


Maternity fashion can be pretty bleak. There’s a lot of poor quality and questionable style out there. We saw an opportunity to provide women with thoughtful pregnancy essentials without getting in the way of their personal style.



We’re in favor of minimal silhouettes, super soft fabrics, and a good shoe.


More chic essentials from your friends at Storq. Stay tuned.



We work in SF and NY. We have a lot of Google Hang sessions in Pregnancy Town (you can name your hang, so we do that).


Our basics are milled and manufactured just outside of Los Angeles, CA. We’re proud to support our domestic garment industry.



We don’t like bows. There won’t be any small bows. Also, no tags, fewer seams, fabric that’s soft with lots of stretch, minimal shapes. In short, it’s a comfortable uniform that will take you through all 9 months without breaking the bank.

storq-made-in-americaPhotos c/o Storq. Follow Storq: