The Abstract 10.03

I will be honest. I come across way too much American made goodness each week and am unable to cover everything the way I’d like to. Going forward, The Abstract will be a summary of American made products and relevant stories that will enable me to share more awesome brands more frequently. I’ve been pinning my favorite American made goods as I find them right here… follow along for all of the goodness!

Club Monaco’s Aaron Levine on their American Made Men’s collection
“Everyone’s gonna jump on a hook, and then it might not be for the best reasons, and then the aesthetic might not be right. What we’re doing that’s special is that we’re partnering with people that do things a certain way and authentically. We get to create product with them, after running it through our filter, so it has our point of view, our aesthetic, but it maintains all the positive characteristics of what that Made in America moniker means. We get to work with these great factories that specialize in this product and we get to literally drive four hours and be in a tailored clothing factory and sit down and innovate and make new product and get excited with the guys that work in the factory and then put our spin on it and put it in our store. That’s awesome.”
– I’m glad to see the brand moving past the American made “trend” and solely focusing on making great product with great people. but what about the women?!

Pendleton for One Kings Lane
One Kings Lane partnered with Pendleton Woolen Mills to design an exclusive collection… the results are pretty great, but what I really want is that exact stack of all 4 blankets!
OKL also has some fantastic American made baskets and my favorite cleaning products in their organizing sale that ends Monday! Am I the only one that has been on an organization/cleaning binge lately?

How Madewell Bought & Sold My Family’s History
This is a fascinating read – and takes us back to a time when American made was our only option as opposed to a brand builder. On twitter the article seemed to spawn a lot of Madewell shaming (and some obvious re-tweeting without reading), but as the author says, the founder of Madewell would have likely done exactly what Madewell has done. It’s a nuanced topic, but I do appreciate Madewell & J.Crew for supporting newer, American made brands through their partner collections – it’s an incredible way to introduce a current shopper to a new brand s/he would likely never come across.

Time for a new coat.
A red coat seems to have slipped into my neutral wardrobe pinboard and now I can’t stop thinking about. I love this Rachel Comey Benton Jacket but am worried I’d get sick of it. The Apiece Apart Vita Jacket or Heidi Merrick Morse Jacket may have a little more longevity… or maybe the Rachel Comey Kindred coat is the perfect mix?

Image: American Made welded steel table from Canvas Home