The Introduction: ILĀ

I have never posted food before on TAE but I’m so impressed with ILĀ’s methodology and transparent sourcing – and of course with their outrageously beautiful packaging – that I couldn’t not share. Cofounded by Sunday Suppers, ILĀ’s goal is to provide you with all of the essential ingredients for your kitchen and home. Not all of the products are American made, but many are, and all are carefully selected based on product integrity.

In my previous career, I discovered some scary things about the spice industry… trust me when I say you should never buy pre-filled spice racks! Since then I’ve focused on buying spices in bulk from reliable sources or on buying from reputable brands… and ILĀ is now added to my list. The products are clearly a luxury; while a pantry full of them would be beautiful, I’m certainly not advocating getting rid of everything you have and starting over, but there is a time and a place for everything, right?! I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love receiving these gift sets in particular…

My only qualm is that, at this point, there’s no ability to refill these products when you’ve used them up. I’d love to see the company start a refill program, similar to that of Common Good… at least in New York, where Sunday Suppers is based.

Images via ILĀ

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The Introduction: Tempest & Bentley

My friend (and frequent photography collaborator) Ashley and I were talking about these beautiful sweaters this weekend, so I thought I should share…

Tempest & Bentley sweaters are entirely American made using American yarn and sustainable production and are undeniably gorgeous with special (but still wearable) details. These sweaters are also, unquestionably, an investment… but the prices are not that far off from the best designer brands, and the sweaters are better made and more unique. Most of us are probably not the target for this brand and this price-point, but I’m happy to see a brand producing product in a way that warrants the price, as opposed to creating an exclusive brand that drives the price of a product regardless of it’s quality. I wish I could see one of these sweaters in person just to get a feel for it!

The designer, Marissa, was recently interviewed on the Well/Aware podcast and spoke about starting the brand, the processes that go into making the collections, and investing in your apparel, among other things – I recommend you listen!


1. Ashbury Fringe Crewneck
2. Bolinas Cableknit Pullover
3. Charlie Croppy Cable Knit Sweater
4. Fort Point Ribbed Cardigan (this is the perfect red)
5. Mt. Tam Croppy Crewneck
6. Mt. Tam Sweater Dress

Tempest + Bentley is a heritage-inspired, luxury sweater collection designed by Marissa Goodman Thieriot. Our knitwear combines traditional and modern design, features natural, American-sourced yarns, and follows sustainable production principles. Each piece is distinctively conceived and crafted in the U.S.A.

Always drawn to the timeless beauty of the iconic cable knit sweater, but unable to find any that were at once chic, luxurious, and eco-friendly, Marissa set out to create the perfect one herself. Tempest + Bentley—named after Marissa’s two grandmothers—reinterprets this wardrobe classic with style, transparency, and mindful attention to all aspects of the process. An Oregon native now based in San Francisco, Marissa spent ten years working as a sweater and knitwear designer for companies including Esprit, Gap, and Levi’s where she developed her craft in the architecture of stitches, pattern, and texture. In 2011, she met her husband Charlie whose family’s work in the sustainable food movement inspired Marissa’s own commitment to ethical production processes. Rich in tradition and fashion-forward in design, Tempest + Bentley takes a holistic approach to the sourcing of materials, with great respect for the natural resources involved.

PS – Here’s a not-entirely American made but more reasonably priced option. But these certainly don’t spark joy the way the T&B sweaters do!

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The Introduction: Annie Costello Brown Jewelry

I’ve been a fan of Annie Costello Brown’s jewelry for quite some time and I can’t believe that I’ve never mentioned the collection on here or even on Instagram! I always spend some time trying on all of her pieces whenever I visit Clare V. , so the lack of mention was clearly a miss. The newest collection is incredible, I can’t wait till I’m in New York next month to see the pieces in person.

I don’t change up my jewelry often – I wear the same rings, watch, cuff, and earrings every day. For evenings or special events, I like to swap my staples for statement earrings but I’ve struggled to find options that were simple but still had presence – most are either too minimal or a little too costume-y/rhinestone-y.

These earrings are perfect. I love the refreshingly simple styling and that most of these pieces are made to order (in LA). I think my favorite is this pair, but these are a close second… what would you pick?

1. Long Rain Dusters
2. Pom-Pom Chandelier Earrings
3. Single Point Cuff
4. Matisse Earrings
5. Arc Drop Earrings
6. Elyria Necklace

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The Introduction: Kindred Black

I recently stumbled across a new shop, Kindred Black, and when I found myself checking back this weekend, I realized it was time to share. As more and more shops launch with the same tried and true (albeit amazing) independent brands, I’m always thrilled to see a shop with several new-to-me brands and products… and a little bit of (really good) vintage is always an appreciated addition.

A Question of Eagles Enameled Copper Bowl
Made in Los Angeles, California

Yield Design Co. Spun Copper Planter
Made in St. Augustine, Florida

Brook There Boyshorts
Made in Portland, Maine

hand-blown glass bottle
Made in West Concord, Maine

Kumari Luxury Nourishing Bath Soak
Made in Washington D.C.

Flora Tea Tree Apple Cider Vinegar Toner
Made in Los Angeles, California

hand-blown glass bottle
Made in West Concord, Maine

Kindred Black is a retail studio sourcing and curating luxury lifestyle goods that are eco-responsible, craftsman produced and ethically manufactured. We believe style and design should not have to be compromised for eco-responsibility. We should have more options to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions about what we buy.

When sourcing product we look for at least one, but preferably a combination of the following elements – natural ingredients, low waste packaging, the use of recycled materials, manufacturing local to the designer, pre-owned, vintage items, craftsmen and handmade goods, and heirloom quality items that can be treasured and handed down for generations to come. Our vision is to promote the reuse of those things that are beautiful and already exist in the world and combine them with high quality contemporary goods that can replace a dozen mass produced and disposable versions.

Kindred Black is a proud member of 1% For The Planet, an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

(images via Kindred Black)