The Introduction: Elkin

I am a sucker for a good lookbook and the Elkin Fall 2014 campaign featuring Emma Roberts is awesome. Always happy to discover a new American made brand… and I’ll be making this tee my own immediately. Is it overkill to get both colors? asshole-tee

Images via Who/What/Wear.

Follow Elkin for some pretty awesome shots of one Kelly Oxford rocking the Asshole tee and additional previews of the new collection:

The Introduction: Calder

Interesting silhouettes, natural fabrics, made in California with relatively approachable pricing – Calder is the type of collection I’m always happy to find.

Add in a look book shot by (designer Amanda Blake’s cousin-in-law!) Sofia Coppola at her New York apartment and┬ástockists including Steven Alan, Ten Over Six, and Bird and you have what I’m guessing will ┬ábe the next big tee shirt line. My personal (albeit boring) favorite is the stripe rampling tee, but I’d be happy to wear that short sleeve sweatshirt as well…

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The Introduction: Scarr Leather Goods

When you write a blog that features and highlights cool new things and also develop products and retail assortments, you inevitably get tired of “stuff.” After a while everything feels the same and you lose motivation and interest… until something new comes around that makes you think, or possibly makes you smile.

The new collection from Scarr isn’t revolutionary but what matters (almost all that ever matters) is that it’s really, really good. Sonia Scarr has taken classic materials and shapes and combined them in ways that feel new and exciting – and everything is done by hand. I’m most drawn to the leather goods for the home, with interesting mixed material applications and thoughtful hand-stitching, but the personal accessories benefit from thoughtful details as well.

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The Introduction: Almond Women by Heather Heron

I’m slightly afraid of open water and am not what anyone would call a strong swimmer. Needless to say, I don’t surf.

But I really, really wish I did. I’ve always been more than a little obsessed with the idea of surfing and with surf culture (and with Blue Crush, if I’m being honest!). I think surf lessons are a must on my life list, but in the meanwhile, I’ll just try to compensate by dressing the part.


My current obsession is Almond Women’s collection designed by LA-based designer Heather Heron. The gorgeous line is made in California and consists of (blue, white, and grey) pieces that would look equally amazing off of the beach (even in the good old Midwest!). I want it all. Particularly the Shibori Pullover, Spirit of the Sea Sweatshirt, Shibori Silk Cape, and the Bayside Chambray Pants.


I happened to notice a discount code on the Almond blog – which is filled with incredible photos – so I suggest you check it out!