The Introduction: The-Commons

Another new shop I’m so excited about… The-Commons.

A physical and online shop located in Charleston, South Carolina (a place I’d love to visit!), The-Commons is focused on American made goods for the home… and they carry some really incredible brands that I’ve never heard of, which always makes my day.

We find and curate a collection of American made goods for the home that are both inspirational and generational. We look for beautifully designed, high quality goods that express the modern American design ethos as well as the earthy, textural and tangible design solutions that come from products made by hand and heart.

We believe modern and timeless are the same thing and that America has a unique and leading perspective on this design approach. We believe that filling your home with beautiful and useful goods from designers who’s singular passion is to the make the best pieces by hand for you will make your life better.


Walnut Bottle Rocks | Mini White Star Bowl | Dodecahedron Relic | Lidded Jar

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The Introduction: Clare V. x Jean Stories

There’s nothing better than two TAE favorites, Jean Stories and Clare V., collaborating on a super awesome, totally American made collection. The materials come from Cone Denim in North Carolina and combine denim details with Clare V.’s signature aesthetic. I’d like it all, please and thank you!


(image by Taylor Jewell via

The Introduction: Sleepy Jones

I fell deep into the internet wormhole that is the Sleepy Jones tumbler last night (while I should have been sleeping…) I’d like to live in the Sleepy Jones world. I suppose wearing the pajamas would be the first start? (…and actually sleeping would be the next?)


Sleepy Jones was established in 2013 by Andy Spade and long-time collaborators Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri. After years of working together at kate spade, Jack Spade and Partners & Spade, the three set out to create a company that believes in the virtues of tinkering and pondering. The result was a collection of sleepwear, underwear and not-quite-ready-to-wear for men and women inspired by the lifestyles of artists. Essentially, an everyday uniform for reading, writing, painting and playing – whether you’re in or outside the bedroom.


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(My other favorite pajamas)

The Introduction: Apiece Apart

Apiece Apart’s 2014 collection is (almost) making me miss my business professional dress code days… luckily these pieces would look just as good with my jeans and tees!




APIECE APART is a line of elevated basics – building block pieces that are as versatile as the woman wearing them. The label is brought to life through clean lines, chic, simple shapes, impeccable tailoring and beautiful fabrics. It balances the simple with the sophisticated; the classic with the modern. APIECE APART was born during a trip to West Texas for the designers’ 30th birthdays. Inspired by the austere and beautiful landscape, Starr Hout and Laura Cramer conceived of a simplified wardrobe, one that could be packed into a single bag – simple items that could be mixed and matched to go anywhere and do anything.

The line is predominantly produced in New York City and is designed by Laura Cramer and Starr Hout.


Apiece Apart can also be found at J.Crew and at Mille.

Images via J.Crew & Apiece Apart.