The Edit: American Made Socks

american made socks

Ok this is random, but I was surprised to stumble across a few different brands of American made socks this year! Per usual, all of my socks seem to have lost their matches, and I’ve taken to wearing barre socks around the house (they are warm and prevent me from falling down our slippery wood steps!) and random mismatched pairs everywhere else. It’s not a good look.

We recently started carrying some American made options at W&W so I restocked my collection.
Some of my favorite options:

Little River Sock Mill
I used to always stock up on cute socks at Madewell or J.Crew… these are a great replacement.

Little River Sock Mill x Alabama Chanin striped crew socks and boot socks
Alabama Chanin and Little River Sock Mill partnered on these exclusive designs – made out of organic cotton!

Lisa B. via The Reed
I’m partial to the stripes…but the snowflakes are pretty cute too.

Richer Poorer Striped Wool Socks
These are actually men’s socks but fit my size 8.5 feet just fine… I wore them cross-country skiing last weekend and my feet never got cold!

Wool Nomad Socks
Super warm and fairly long… perfect for wearing with rain or snowboots.

Camp Socks
I stocked up on these at J.Crew a few years ago and they’ve really held up… and work well under my rain boots when it’s not quite as cold outside.

Zkano Organic Cotton socks
More great stripes… and some over the knee and mid-calf options.

image via Alabama Chanin

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