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If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably aware that my husband and I bought a house this past January. A 1909 craftsman, thoughtfully updated and in need of very little work. You are also probably aware of the fact that we moved in with essentially no furniture – our last house was furnished, which led us to donate, give away and sell almost everything we’d accumulated over the years. We’ve been doing our best to embrace that, and to slowly fill our home with thoughtful pieces that fit our needs.

With that said, there were pieces that we considered to be a priority – we purchased these as soon as the closing was scheduled. Our first priority was a sofa – we moved into our house in the middle of the winter and knew that we’d (err… I’d) be spending a lot of evenings bundled up under blankets watching TV and we wanted to be comfortable while doing so! We planned to buy several vintage furniture pieces, so it was even more important to me that anything new be American made.

We spent a lot of time looking at – and testing – sofas that would fit in our long and narrow sitting room and still be comfortable. I’m terribly indecisive and struggled while deciding between the interesting statement options and the simple, classic option. Some of my favorites:

best american made sofas

1. Kalon No. 5 Series
2. DWR Reid Sofa
3. Wilson & Willy’s Stephen Kenn Sofa
4. Room & Board Hess Leather Sofa
5. Modernica Case Study Daybed

Some additional American made sofas: Crate & Barrel, Room & Board, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, and West Elm. Here’s a tip – while searching larger retailer sites, entering “North Carolina” or “made in USA” into the search box can help to narrow the selection!

We ultimately went with a classic sectional – it’s slipcovered so we know it can take a beating, and big enough that we can have a friends or family members over to watch movies. It was an investment, but it’s almost a year old and looks brand new; the cost per use on this thing will end up being pennies! I’m sitting on it as I write this post! I love it, but still sometimes wish we’d gone for something bold… which would you pick?

Graphics for The American Edit by REBECCAH ERICKSON

2 thoughts on “The Edit: American Made Sofas

  1. Holy crow that statement maker is gorgeous. I literally got a wave of anxiety thinking about how my children would destroy it with sticky fingers, nail polish or park residue. Little angels that they are. I’ve already started researching sofas for our next life phase. The Hepburn from Room and Board has been on my radar for quite some time. Anthropologie also has some stylish sofas that are Made in the USA. The Edlyn line is gorgeous and you can chose from an array of yummy colors. By the way I don’t work for either of the aforementioned brands just wanted to share. Hope you don’t mind!

    1. Fiona, your fears are too funny! I get it… there is a time in life for certain things and kids make keeping things neat difficult! I’ll have to check out the Edlyn line at Anthro, thank you for sharing! Hope you are well! xx

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