The Introduction: American Made Wrapping Paper

american made wrapping paper

Who doesn’t love a beautifully wrapped present? I wish this was an area where I excelled, but truthfully, it’s not. I give great gifts (if I may say so myself), but they arrive in cardboard boxes (shipped directly from shop to recipient) or in reusable canvas totes – because if the presentation can’t be beautiful it may as well be useful!

For those of you who can manage to wrap a present without taping your fingers together, Christine Wisnieski just launched a beautiful new collection of matte black paper with gold patterns… this would be just as good as wall paper as it is as wrapping paper! There’s still time to order if you’d like to see this under your tree this season…
american made wrapping paper

Over the last five years, I’ve spent my days developing American made brands for clients I adore. I’ve handpick clients who I believe in, share common goals with and who inspire me.

This fall, my Cleveland-based studio began creating products of our own. We wanted to work with remarkable materials and like-minded manufacturers to produce memorable well-made moments for all to enjoy. The first product — gift wrap. As someone who believes in tactile experiences, each year I hand paint found paper to wrap up gifts for family and friends. This fall, I evolved those original patterns into gift wrap perfect for any time of the year. Each pattern is printed in metallic gold ink on a recycled matte black paper. The printed wrap is 18” x 24” and folded two sheets per pack.

Shop the collection.
american made wrapping paper

A few more American made wrapping paper options: Black & White Marble, Oil Pastel , pink & gold.

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