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I have never posted food before on TAE but I’m so impressed with ILĀ’s methodology and transparent sourcing – and of course with their outrageously beautiful packaging – that I couldn’t not share. Cofounded by Sunday Suppers, ILĀ’s goal is to provide you with all of the essential ingredients for your kitchen and home. Not all of the products are American made, but many are, and all are carefully selected based on product integrity.

In my previous career, I discovered some scary things about the spice industry… trust me when I say you should never buy pre-filled spice racks! Since then I’ve focused on buying spices in bulk from reliable sources or on buying from reputable brands… and ILĀ is now added to my list. The products are clearly a luxury; while a pantry full of them would be beautiful, I’m certainly not advocating getting rid of everything you have and starting over, but there is a time and a place for everything, right?! I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love receiving these gift sets in particular…

My only qualm is that, at this point, there’s no ability to refill these products when you’ve used them up. I’d love to see the company start a refill program, similar to that of Common Good… at least in New York, where Sunday Suppers is based.

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