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The Spring shopping app launched today and I can’t stop (pretend – for now!) shopping on it so I needed to share it with you. The new app kept coming up during my meetings in Manhattan last week and I knew it would be impressive given the caliber of talent involved and the brands that had already signed on for the launch… but I remained a bit skeptical because in general I don’t use many apps and almost never shop via mobile. But the app is amazing – you should really go download it for yourself – I actually think this may be something I use for longer than a week!

Spring is a multi-brand mobile shopping experience – it allows the user to shop hundreds of brands with one simplified check out experience and gives brands the opportunity to create better shoppable content. The feed is essentially a cleaner, shoppable Instagram… without random cups of coffee or cute babies to distract you.

What’s most interesting about Spring is that it gives the user the opportunity to learn more about the brand – from the brand itself. It’s an incredible platform for smaller brands to share their story and aesthetic and build their community. Retail is tough – brands need you to buy their products in other stores so as to maintain volume and brand presence, but they also benefit from higher margins and increased customer awareness if you buy directly from them… and Spring makes that easy to do.

Of course, regardless of how beautiful the app is, you are still clearly being sold to during the experience… but some brands (the brands that will do the best, I’d imagine!) are using it to connect with their customers in a new way. For example, Industry Standard is inviting customers to a studio visit with a purchase of denim, and Make Cosmetics is providing tutorials – and product listings – for their makeup looks. I know that those of you who read TAE do so because you love a good brand story…and Spring allows the brand to tell that story themselves.

When you sign up, you are already following a somewhat aggressive list of brands – I unfollowed most immediately. But, after playing around for a few minutes, I’d found several new (to me) American made brands – which is always a good thing! (However, it looks like country of origin is only listed for some items – this information likely comes from the brand itself so hopefully will eventually be standardized.)

TAE favorites that I’d recommend you follow : Clare V., Geometry Handbags, Giejo, Industry Standard, Janessa Leone, Jennifer Fisher, Lizzie Fortunato, Make, Mirlo, NSF Clothing, Pamela Love, RGB, Rag & Bone, Sea, Shinola, Steven Alan, and Whit… let me know if you’d like more recommendations!

If you’re still not convinced… more details on Spring:
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  1. Interesting! I had seen a few blips on insta about this but wasn’t sure what it was. Great write-up. I’ll have to download and try it out. Like you, I don’t do much phone shopping, but I know it will be the norm some day soon!

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