People that do things.


Me too, Amy, me too.

Some of the best things I read this week…

The standing invitation to lose faith in yourself

I didn’t realize it until I read it, but somewhere along the way, I lost faith in myself. I’m spending all of my time focusing on the things I didn’t do well or don’t know how to do rather than focusing on the fact that I’m trying, and that I’m doing my best. And that I can always ask for help. I’ll be reading and re-reading this going forward…

Women vs. Women – A little thing called Self Respect

Kate Arends on friendship and support among women. Kate was one of the very first bloggers I met (rather awkwardly, in typical Rita form) and she is incredibly supportive. I’m proud to know her.

Ladies against Humanity

Surprisingly, my most proper friend introduced this game into our lives, and I have laughed so hard I cried many times while playing – often at the look on her face when reading a card. These female-oriented options are hysterical.

CFDA Reveals New Strategy

Thrilled to see New York Manufacturing become a strategic initiative for the CFDA! I personally think it should be American manufacturing, but I’ll take what I can get!

The Art of New Beginnings

Sometimes it feels incredibly, painstakingly difficult to start over. But this article (about Miley Cyrus, with references to Kim K., Victoria Beckham and Kate Upton) makes me realize it can be slightly formulaic – and that millions of people have done it, so I can too.

SMP LIVING – Behind the Blog with Reading My Tea Leaves

I loved this interview with Erin and this advice is particularly fantastic: Spend less time doubting yourself and more time proving to yourself how great you are.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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