Ten Over Six LA.

TEN OVER SIX LA is one of those stores where you walk in and instantly feel at home. And also feel the need to redecorate your home…and revamp your wardrobe.

Bright and airy (with the perfect lime green exterior as a complement), the shop curates the best selection of designers, big and small, in a cohesive manner that leaves you feeling like your wardrobe would just be so much simpler (and even more amazing) if you could just buy everything from this one shop. And each brand and item is special enough that you probably could… but that wouldn’t be much fun!

tenoversixlahopewellquiltThese Hopewell quilts were so soft!

tenoversixla-wendynicholsWendy Nichol makes these bucket bags by hand in her New York studio – there are so many amazing little details in these bags! tenoversixlarachelcomeybagsRachel Comey bags and dresses. I’d love a stand like that to store my own bags!

10-over-6-wallThe jewelry selection is ever-changing and amazing.

also – check out this Trendland post on the Ten Over Six LA’s branding – so bold, so cohesive. amazing.

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