High on my list for New York was a visit to Mociun – owner and jewelry designer Caitlin Mociun’s work and online shop are my go-tos for inspiration and gift shopping, so I was super excited to finally visit in person. Lucky for me, I hit a quiet moment in the day, and the team allowed me to spend (way too long!) some time taking pictures to share. Incredible vignettes fill every table, line the windows, and sometimes overflow onto the floor… everywhere I turned, I discovered new favorites, and even better, new ideas.

mociun-storeThe Mission

Mociun was founded in 2006 with a small collection of hand print womens garments. Over the past five years the company has expanded adding digitally printed fabrics and fine jewelry. As Mociun continues to grow sustainable production and business practices are always considered, as they are as important as good design. Mociun strives to use recycled, organic and alternative materials. Whenever possible all Mociun products are made using local production in hopes to give back to the economy and community that has helped Mociun thrive.

mociun-apothecaryThe apothecary wall of my dreams… featuring a TAE favorite, One Love Organics! Also, those Saipua soaps were gorgeous and I wanted to fill my bathroom with them.
mociun-indian-bangleDecidedly not American-made, Caitlin brought this Indian bangle back from her trip to India… I grew up wearing these (and still often do!) – it’s always fun to see something traditional where you least expect it.
mociun-baggu-More Doug Johnston baskets and Baggu colors than I’ve seen anywhere. Made me realize that a Doug Johnston basket vignette is 100% what is missing in my office. And I was oddly drawn to the floral Baggu despite the fact that I don’t wear florals or pastels.
mociun-jewelryCaitlin’s gorgeous jewelry. I wanted ALL of it. The middle ring in particular will be mine, one day! mociun-business-cardWithout question, this is my new favorite business card.

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The Edit: Reading My Tea Leaves

I discovered Reading My Tea Leaves shortly after launching TAE and it has quickly become one of my favorite blogs… Erin has amazing taste, is a fantastic photographer and writer, and shares a lovely perspective on her life in Brooklyn. Unsurprisingly, her favorite American-made items are amazing, and she’s introduced me to some new brands that I’ll be following. Thanks so much, Erin!

The Introduction: Jack Germain x Emgie Libris

There is nothing comparable to the anticipation of reading – or writing – the first line in a beautifully bound book or journal – you never know what adventure awaits. I buy them constantly – the books are all eventually read, but many of my notebooks sit unused, waiting for the absolute RIGHT idea to start using them. I’m working on that  – and I wouldn’t mind starting with one of these gorgeous Jack Germain x Emgie Libris notebooks.

I met Jack, the founder of Jack Germain, at the Martha Stewart American Made Conference – she designs and manufactures amazing leather bags in New York. Wanting to find a use for the leather that was wasted during the production process, Jack partnered with Marilyn Glinka of Emgie Libris, who makes beautiful hand-made books in Philadelphia, to create the Jack Germain x Emgie Libris collection.


Hello friends… I hope you had a wonderful week and are ready for the weekend!

PLEASE do whatever you can for the Philippines.

  • Donate directly via Red Cross (or via the link on facebook!) or Unicef (or Text RELIEF to 864233 to donate $10).
  • Imogene + Willie is donating 20% of all sales this weekend to relief support.
  • This Feed Projects t-shirt will provide 10 emergency meals.
  • Please let me know if there are any other great ways to donate… 

I somehow stumbled across Adam Braun‘s blog this week – the founder of Pencils of Promise is pretty inspiring.

Speaking of Imogene + Willie, Beth of Local Milk is starting a new series, Uniform, about the language of clothing. Her first post, inspired by a visit to I+W, is beautiful.

Girl Crushes Collide – Lena Dunham interviews Mindy Kaling for Rookie Yearbook. This just made me happy.

Also! I’m working on a few holiday + entertaining gift guides for December… is there anything in particular you’d like some help with? Please let me know!

[Image of the Electric Love NYC studio via Hello Citizen]

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