The Edit: Vintage Denim

I bought my Current/Elliott boyfriend jeans forever ago… The distressed, paint splattered jeans were the first pair I ever purchased that were over $200 and I couldn’t even wear them to work on casual Fridays. Not my smartest shopping decision at the time, but I’ve had them for at least 5 years and they are still my favorite jeans, so I consider them a wise investment.

I’m not exactly delicate with my stuff (which is another reason I love these – I go through all of my other jeans in about a year) and my beloved boyfriends are starting to show their wear (on top of the wear they came with with!). I still rock them but lately have been saving them for those special days where I want to feel awesome. (I almost wrote special occasions, but ripped up jeans and most special occasions don’t exactly go together. It’s sad, really.)

After years of holes in all of my jeans I’m starting to feel the patch instead… it’s a little more practical and it allows for so much more creativity. I’ve also been looking into vintage jeans, but honestly, I’m not that girl. I’m terrible at stalking markets/ebay/vintage shops and even if I find a pair that doesn’t gross me out, I always know they need some work but have no idea how to go about it.

Happily, there are experts at the vintage game, and they are taking their talents and making it available to the rest of us.

B Sides Denim and Ace & Jig have paired up to create a capsule collection of patched denim using Ace & Jig scraps, available exclusively at Beautiful Dreamers. I’m guessing these will be sold out before I’m in New York next month, but let’s hope this collaboration becomes a yearly thing.

If patches aren’t your thing, Redun reconstructs vintage denim into modern styles, and is launching on Monday with 50 exclusive styles. It looks like there are some pretty incredible stylists and talent behind this brand, so I’d sign up for the email list… I’d guess these will sell out quickly as well.

And, if you want the look but aren’t feeling the vintage aspect, these Paige patched jeans are pretty rad.

N.B. – both brands are using vintage materials, which may not be made here (+ Ace & Jig fabrics which are ethically woven in India) – but the reproduction is domestic, and in general, I believe that the ethos of these products aligns with that of TAE.

Images – Beautiful Dreamers Instagram, Redun

The Edit : Love. Life. Eat


Felicia Sullivan is one of my favorite follows on twitter (she shares the best articles each morning… such a great way to start the day) and the author of the blog Love.Life.Eat. Between incredible recipes and workout stories Felicia shares her life story, good and bad, sad and happy, and I’m always so inspired by how open and thoughtful she is.

Check out Felicia‘s amazing American made picks and be sure to follow along! Thank you, Felicia!

American Made Swimwear

Swimsuit shopping is absolutely my least favorite thing to do…the only good thing is that American made swimwear is readily available – and also pretty fantastic.

Curious as to why swimwear is made domestically? I asked around and learned:
– Special sewing machines are needed to handle typical swim fabrics (Spandex, Lycra) – these machines are still commonly available in the US which leads to more production capacity.
– The traditional swimwear season is quite short. Brands have no option but to manufacturing during peak production times, which can drive up manufacturing costs and limit traditional manufacturing discounts. Similarly, the brief amount of in-store time gives designers less time to react to sales and reorder from overseas manufacturers; domestic production allows brands to maintain consistent inventory levels and drive sales.

My swimsuit shopping rules: 1. Order online (from a retailer with a good return policy!) 2. Order multiple sizes 3. Try on in the morning, ideally following a great workout (and shower!) 4. Start with the largest size first! 5. Be nice to yourself! (Your body is far more valuable than a clothes hanger.)

My favorites:




Happy shopping!

[image, graphics by TAE]