Portland was incredible… long weekends and best friends are always a fantastic combination, but choosing a new city that was beautiful, walkable, and packed with incredible shops, bars and restaurants made for one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

I always survey social media friends for places to visit and things to do while traveling, so I wanted to recap my favorites here in case any of you have any upcoming trips to Portland. I have a lot of travel coming up (!!!) so this will be an ongoing series on TAE… my next trip (Miami) is this weekend.

If you are looking for any other travel recommendations, check out the #SFgirlguide hashtag on insta – Victoria from SF Girl by the Bay started it as a visual travel guide, and I’m addicted!

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The Edit : Oldr Sistr


Today’s The Edit is courtesy of Elizabeth Huber of Oldr Sistr Blog. Elizabeth and I have gotten to know each other over the last year and I always look forward to seeing how she combines “heritage” items into her modern aesthetic. Thanks, Elizabeth!

No. 1: Imogene + Willie Jeans

No. 2: Minnetonka Outback Hat

No. 3: D.S. and Durga Scents

No. 4: Townes Van Zandt Boyfriend Tee

No. 5: Redwing Heritage Boots


Today I’m overwhelmed by the thought that life is precious and amazing and also incredibly, incredibly short. Tell the people you love that you love them – everyday. Tell the people that you appreciate that you appreciate them more often. Say please and thank you and smile. Take care of yourself. Take care of the people you love. Do good. Celebrate the people you love and relationships all year long… not just today.

But – you should totally eat all of the chocolate covered strawberries or cupcakes or candy hearts you could ever want today. Just do everything else all year long.

Happy Valentines Day – I’m so thankful for you.

Photo credit: 100 Live & Die Bruce Nauman at Benesse House in Japan – image via Amanda Brooks | I Love Your Style

The Edit: Oh So Pretty Blog

victoria-oh-so-prettyI’m so excited to have Victoria of Oh So Pretty share her favorite American-made picks with us today! Victoria’s blog and instagram are absolutely gorgeous and have made me rethink my stance on color – I’d be happy to live in the bright and white world she has created. Unsurprisingly, Victoria’s picks would fit right in… and she’s introduced me to some new brands while also sharing some favorites! Thank you, so much, Victoria!