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I’m a little bit obsessed with this makers video made by Wade Koch (who is incredible and helped film our wedding!) and Individual Medley… Wade and shop owners Monica & Justin brought their makers together – many meeting for the first time! – in the Sharkpig Studio and filmed this video where the makers get to show off their products… I love seeing so many of my favorites all in one place, but I’m far more curious about the conversations and (and ideation!) that took place off camera!

I love it when creatives get together and make something new. And different. And I can’t believe I have spent so much time in LA and haven’t made it to Individual Medley yet!

Individual Medley from Wade! on Vimeo.

a few more weekend reads…

How to Travel the World & Get Companies to Pay for It. (Don’t Get Excited – It Doesn’t Work Like That.)
Casey Neistat (of Ludlow Traveler fame) on creating opportunities, doing the work, proving your value, and learning and building as you go. We all wonder and talk about how (so & so) got there – but instead let’s think about how we can take our unique experiences and use them to get to a place that we want to be.

Behind the Scenes with Emily Henderson Designs
This post by Emily’s newest designer is hysterical – I had the opportunity to help my friend Melissa shoot a project for Emily Henderson & Curbly last fall and I was amazed – and exhausted – by all that goes into styling a home. This is a great overview – and a reminder that nothing is as glamorous as it seems! (For example, even though we did not buy one new thing, or really even rearrange anything other than accent pieces, it took us an entire day to shoot our house for Design*Sponge – had I not seen gone through the EH shoot, I would have never survived!)

The Road Ahead was Supposed to be Clear & Filled with Light
Felicia Sullivan on learning what you are meant to do (vs. what you are good at) and on creating a structured, unstructured life. There was a lot of interest on my Antifragile post last week – but I know that my circumstances are incredibly unusual. Felicia proves you can make it happen regardless of your situation.

Build Your Own Gin & Tonic Bar
Kate created this deliciousness for our studio launch party last week and now I’m reconsidering my summer devotion to rosé.

Girls of a Certain Age and This is 50
I’m turning 30 in one month. I’ve been accidentally telling people I was 30 for almost two years, so I’m ready for it. Girls of a Certain Age has always been one of my favorite blogs and Erin introduced me to This is 50 earlier this week. Maybe I’ll be telling people I’m 50 soon!

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  1. Thanks, Rita, for including me! I’m loving this round-up, and I’m already poring over the Behind the Scenes vid. xo, f.

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